Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Rachel sent me a deal from Singapore Air with return flights to Munich for only 700 SGD earlier in May this year. It was such a good deal that we took it and there we are, 4 months later making our way to Munich, just in time to experience Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is a festive season that spans a total of 17/18 days historically (Read more here). The locals are all dressed in traditional Bavarian Costumes (Men in Trachten-Lederhose, Traditional Shirts, Bavarian Haferlshoe and Women in Dirndl) to grace the occasion. The area was huuuugeeee. They had multiple beer tents for adults, and theme park rides for the kids. Well, you get into a tent and you'll be in it for the next 2-3 hours, drinking 1-litre steins of bier with the locals, singing your heart away in their autumn weather.

Our first tent that we picked was Löwenbräu. It was just right, the people and the hype set the perfect stage for this Oktoberfest season. However, do note that most of the seats are pre-reserved, and if the guests arrive you would have to leave.

We arrived Munich on a Sunday, where all shops are closed in Germany but clearly Oktoberfest isn't. We headed straight there after dropping our luggages off in the airbnb apartment at 12 in the noon. We were already out of seats! So we sat at a reserved area, mindful of the timings that the guests would arrive, ordered 2 steins of Löwenbräu beers and a portion of Pork Knuckle to share. It was just right, kept sufficient space to have 4 litres of beer afterwards. It wasn't exactly the best experience to finish our food and beer as fast as we can, but the crowd and the energy was amazing.

Just a table of men having too much beer, thinking if they should order more :P

We headed back out after the first tent to have some fresh air and took some photos along the carnival streets. These random locals from everywhere jumps in and takes a photo together with us! It was fun, especially after 2 litres of beer. The pictures below says it all.

All wasn't over. We went into the next tent for Paulaner beer and the party continues. We went on from noon till 5pm when they had a change of tables for the next reservation, drank with locals, tried standing on the benches, people-watched and soaked in the immense energy and atmosphere the people had.

2 more steins later led to the carnival rides (which we initially agreed not to get on). I guess on a Sunday where everywhere else was closed, we went home happy at 7.30pm in the evening. We had an early night and an early morning the next day.

How do you get to Oktoberfest?

Subway station: Exit at Theresienwiese Station (U4, U5 lines)

The entrance to Oktoberfest is totally free (This is without any reservations of course)! You'll probably see it, when all the locals start walking in the same direction, you know the safest way is to follow! Have fun drinking!

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