Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Zugspitze, Top of Germany

How to get to Zugspitze from Munich?

This was what we've punched into Google. There are a tonnes of helpful people in forums, tripadvisor providing directions, the ticket prices, what type of train tickets you should look out for etc. That was how we manage to get ours.

To put things across simply, we had to get our train tickets from Munich HBF to Zugspitze. The nearest train station is Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I booked it online before the trip, definitely trust GoEuro. Our tickets were validated! Head over to and search your round-trip ticket from Munich to Zugspitze. Our round-trip tickets for 2pax during the period of September costs us 52 Euros.

The train journey is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, and the Zugspitzebahn or tram up to the mountains takes another 1 hour 30 minutes. The total journey from Munich to the Top of Germany (Zugspitze) will take you approximately 3 hours.

Upon arrival at Garmisch-Partenkitchen station, this is how it'll look like. The view - breathtaking.

Follow the escalators/stairs downwards, and look for the directions towards Zugspitzebahn. It should be visible on the boards above your head. Follow the tunnel and you'll see a ticketing counter to take the Zugspitzebahn. The ticketing counter is on the right.

We paid about 48 Euros per person for the Zugspitze Card. This card entitles you to take the Zugspitzebahn up to the mountains. You will probably have to buy this, and it entitles you to an ascend and descend to and from the mountain. Please also note the timings that it depart, and factor sufficient time before you catch your return train back to Munich! The Zugspitzebahn runs every hour.

On the way up, you'll be spoiled with views like these... Tourists like us just went on snapping away. The locals just sat there and watched us do our thing. And a cow was so photogenic, he was looking at the camera!

We had the views of the best, and nothing less! White, fluffy, snow.

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