Friday, February 16, 2018

Shinji by Kanesaka

Eumi came back to Singapore, and unlike Singapore, US doesn't have anything with better sushi that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. She wanted to try Shinji by Kanesaka すし道真次, apparently an awarded Michelin star restaurant in Singapore. Having just returned from Japan, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. But it is definitely pricier than your usual sushi-joints of course.

Eumi made a reservation for both of us, and we dined at about 8 with lesser crowd, which was great. The chef could focus on making your sushi and it wasn't too noisy. I ordered the Sushi Edomae (S$220); while Eumi ordered the Omakase Shin (S$450) - pretty affordable as compared to her paying US$1,200 for a decent Omakase in US.

If you'd ask me, I really loved the sushi. They tasted so fresh and light - and literally melted in my mouth. Would I pay S$220 for a meal like this? I would, for special occasions but not all the time. The taste buds will appreciate that break and pairing it with sake will not be missed!

On another occasion, Rch and I got to try Fat Cow with Entertainer's 1-for-1 coupon. We were supposed to order a glass of sake, and ended up with a 750ml bottle for both to share, and overspent on what was supposed to be a 1-for-1. These temptations are real guys :P

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