Friday, January 25, 2019

Turned 7

So much happened in the last year - and it's almost the end of January I don't know where to start. TLDR; I married to the guy whom I've dated for the last 7 years, Ju, thank you for staying by me relentlessly, fighting with me and for constantly accommodating to me for the good and bad times. I might not have been the best girlfriend, but I will try to be a better, if not the best version of wife you can have. These 7 years with you had been though, short, but amazing.

In 2018, we renovated our place and moved in to a home which we can call ours. I am in one now, where I used to take my old sturdy laptop out to my living room to pen these thoughts, now in a room with a desktop feeling slightly aged, thinking about the days ahead and what's to come. I was looking through the older posts, the younger version of my 22nd year old self, writing about school, thinking slightly deeper than I was, reading way more than the digital world now allows, and with a larger brain capacity.

In 2018, we took time to plan for our wedding, envisioning from the preparation to the execution of how it was going to be - it felt surreal. Time flew - from the time I sat down with Jueyi from Touch Studios to talk about our pre-wedding shoot, to making time for or pre-wedding shoot and the actual wedding itself... Including trusting social media to help me find a reliable make-up artist @cocoonmakeupandhair (I didn't use any forum btw). I will link them within these posts so click away!

I want to spend more time talking about the wedding day itself, and the crew that made it all possible, but I will leave it for the next post, together with some pictures. But all I can say was, right after the wedding, we spent the following 2 days to take a breather, and took the next 14 days off to Hong Kong and Osaka where we though about nothing - pure bliss. It was a mental shutdown from work, while our other colleagues were busy supporting operations and fighting bigger wars. Truth is, I would do the same if they are away and that, I am glad to say I also found the best team in 2018.

We fought along one another, pushed through the odds to make it possible, albeit with a lot of help on the way, but this team spirit is amazing. And I'll never want to trade them for another.

In 2018, I spoke about my heart-felt feelings to my mom, my dad, my grandmothers, my family in front of an audience of 360 people. I spoke about the relationships and memories that were forged with every friend that I met throughout the 27 years of my life. I made my dad tear, and my mom cry. And that, is the closest I'll ever get to making them cry besides being that much of a horror when I was a baby.

In 2018, it was different. I tried different things, yet chickened on some. I tried to take my CCSP exam, but failed. So I have to definitely to stay focused in 2019 to be certified. I took my bike license in 2017, but did not pick up the courage to do my 2A in 2018. Yet some things that I am fond of, I'd do them again and again - I loved Krabi, and visited it again. I was far away from discipline, which I will try to make it a habit in 2019.

It is the start of the year, and it's good because it's a fresh start. Some friends stayed further, but there are some other friends whom got closer. And I manage to survive that much of every day because I have my dearest husband, and family right beside me. With this, I am thankful. Happy 2019 my friends!


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