Saturday, April 25, 2020

Homecook Situation

It's been some time since I last dropped by to pen what's in my life - what exactly happened in the last 15 months while I have been away. Things have been dramatically different, but I am so thankful because I always look back and appreciate the experiences and memories that I have built and curated over time. 

Borrowing the last few sharings I did back in December last year - 
Its almost the end of 2019 and I’ve counted, only posting 12 things this year. But going offline has taught me many things - That you don’t need a social platform to effect change in your life. This year has been different, so many things changed but Family never leaves. In terms of life, of loss, of career and relationships. The glass balls that we have been juggling in our lives, we are still juggling them so none breaks. Continue to strive for change in 2020! Years on, when you read back, these are the little accomplishments and despair that have rolled along in life with you. No regrets, because these memories lingers and live them to the fullest. I’ll end the year being grateful.

I am happy, and cannot be happier. We have now been in our new home for 2 years (which I haven't shared much about as well), including my wedding and its pictures... But these are intimate moments that I'd like to keep and revisit them once in a while. 

And now fast forward to April 2020. We have been hit with one of the biggest events in history - staying home to beat COVID-19. This has been such an eventful year, and especially eventful during this period for us. We got to experience so many firsts in our lives; such as having most parts of the world working from home, breaking technology transformational barriers, embracing technology and cultures, keeping in touch with friends and the world has never been more social and loving. The roads are clearer, the towns are empty, businesses are hit and new businesses are born. The move towards technology platforms and the world of deliveries have never seen such efficacies. It has only just begun.

Businesses will change their operating models. Companies are starting to re-think their strategies and adoption of technology. Employees are more receptive to change. Everything needs a catalyst to start the next revolution, and the people around the world are publishing so many articles related to COVID and its learnings; experiences gives us life-long learnings. This is definitely one of them. 

Having stayed home - We resort to deliveries and home-cooked meals. Some days you get tired of deliveries - I started to learn more about Chinese cooking, understanding their taste and the type of food that you get to cook and make at home and the ones you take-out. It is another learning journey and I am glad I got to start on it - appreciate it and most importantly, get to serve the food and cooking to my husband and my future family, with love.

The Wonton Soup 

Braised Chicken Noodles

The above 2 dishes were made over the weekend, where I did not want to keep the fresh Hong Kong egg noodles for more than 2 days. But cooking has also taught me that the same ingredients can be re-created into multi-faceted dishes that still equally warms the heart. And what keeps me going is having to see the happy faces after each meal, and taking criticisms to improve on the next dish. Don't we already agree practice makes perfect?

While we continue to hold-on, and since I've came by to lock my promise, to all of us out there - Let's stay home, stay safe and cheer our frontliners on. To our fellow friends out there fighting this relentlessly, continuing with serving essentials to keep us sane and to make sure people out there do not starve, for ensuring our supply chain and food supply are not disrupted so we still get to make food like these, you guys are our heroes.

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