Took a trip down memory-lane - A place that was so familiar yet foreign at the same time. Hong Kong had been on the trip list since 2007, and I've been in love ever since. The places that we used to visit, still exists. Some shops have relocated from time to time, but they're still the same. The scenes hasn't changed, the people did.

This time, I booked a flight out alone to re-visit these places that I sorely miss. Different from the last, where I traveled back alone for school, this time was a quaint getaway. A mental break from the thoughts, a little rest and recovery from the hustle and bustle in the city.

Traveling alone makes planning so much easier. It was easier to decide on the flight dates (such impromptu booking I don't know when I'll do it again), and it was much easier to pick a perfect airbnb stay that accommodates one! I settled on one finally nonetheless. Located near the harbour and Hung Hom, it had a great scenic view, super accessible, and right next to the train station by the harbour, and makes it so much easier to schedule meetings with the dad. The host, Sonia was amazing by the way. Her places was spick and span, quiet, and allowed me to sort out my thoughts pretty well.

The view from the bed every morning makes it hard to get out of bed. Sometimes easy when the plans are in place, on some days it was hard. I could stare at it for 30 minutes, and the morning view and air still looked so good.

Located on high-floors, the elevator really made a difference. Look!

Since KGF's visit in Hong Kong in 2014, we've been addicted to this Taiwanese Bubble Tea - 天仁喫茶趣 (Cha For Tea). It has quite a number of outlets, our favourite outlet at Causeway Bay Hysan Place still tops the list. Read the reviews here. It also has about 21 branches in Hong Kong, but listing out my favourite accessible location across the harbour:

Eslite, 10/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣軒尼詩道500號希慎廣場10樓誠品書店SK01 專櫃

There are a few other things you could do across the bay! Head up to The Peak via a mini bus, grab a cup of coffee, catch some fresh air, have lunch at Central, and take a Ding-Ding bus down to CWB for these goodies!

The time alone also allowed me to explore the yummy sauteed mushrooms from Agnes B Cafe :') There are quite a number of outlets, but the one I visited was in Tsim Tsa Tsui Staying near TST/ Hung Hom made me spend a bulk of my time by the bay. We had drinks in the evening at a bar, and coffee in the day people-watch and waiting for time to pass. It was slow, and everything else seemed perfect then.

The other of my favorite place to have dim sum/ lunch in the day is Lei Garden. Albeit pricey, the food served are really of quality. Loved the siu yok best! Dad and I spent a total of 700+HKD on just this meal alone, but was worth every dollar paid.

A good alternative would be One-Dim Sum!

One Dim Sum (一點心)
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward

The other one which I've recommended in the past that I really love: Karful Dessert Special Shop. Click here to read more.

And the rest was history. This trip alone, I managed to meet my City University classmates (Kate & Ryanne) as well as exchange buddies (Steph)! Travel, live life. Wanderlust forever.

And to meet people like them that would always welcome me, are friendships for a lifetime. The HK Adventures group, I miss!

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It's the last of 2016, a year has flew by and so much have changed. Friends are indeed forever. Mid 20s, and friends are getting engaged, hitched, all the proposals and what-not. And these are the best sights to see, some memories so golden that are able to last a lifetime.

As we spearhead into 2017, there are indeed some things that I could have done better; could have continued to strive harder, and the many could-haves and should-haves. There are many things that we have done in the past that have brought us to where we are today (the good and the bad). But let us focus on ourselves, our families and friends for the coming new year to work on the missed opportunities that we said. While we may always constantly look for comparisons, there are sometimes other ways to better ourselves instead of feeding off negative energy.

May 2017 be bigger, and better!

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Every single person has different memories that they lived with, once. Each memory ties with struggles, happiness and fear. We have been yelled at, yelled at people, received love, given a little, sometimes too much. There are many things we think about now and then, what might have changed? (Looks) of course, (Personality) maybe, (Feelings) possibly. But we are still we no matter how different the time is.

The memories that we try to store away, are the ones that we are preoccupied with. They try to bite you from time to time, they remind you how you made it through the teary nights and broken hearts. They remind you of the various tones of the various conversations that you once had, word for word, with expression no less.

But these memories, I call, are jet lagged. They are the reasons why I am alive. They are one of the many reasons why we had a mental breakthrough, when we took that leap of faith and all we did was - To Let Go. We have left broken, but as long as we tell ourselves that we will never be as broken as we were in the past. I keep a constant reminder, where I read, "Fear kills more dream than failure ever will." Since then, I tried to be fearless.

I have grown.


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