Morning routine leads to a more productive morning - Are you in or out?

I punched "5ams in the morning" into the google search bar. I scrolled past a few of the top searches, but landed on theathleteblog domain. Humbly, and being an ex-athlete, led the click-through. And turns out, it was a decent bite-sized read. But it sparked some inner-release, it's an 'easy to read, tough thing to execute' space. 

  1. Shift unproductive hours to the morning
  2. Stay consistent with the warm-up/ training/ meditation for brain-space
  3. Cultivate habits
But this definitely sparked me to think, if I am able to start a routine in the morning. It may not need to be at 5am, but Discipline is Key to make habits stick. And once they stick, it gets into you as the 'Unconscious Conscious' which puts you into an auto-pilot mode; you spend less energy and effort to get into the routine, and to get things done.