Sunday, July 25, 2010

Of days we live and purposes we serve

Each passing day I think about the penetrating thoughts of less than wonderful days - Days I do not have to wake up to work and days that I can contract into a ball and lay in bed with the morning rays on a subconscious awake face. We bowled for close to 7 hours yesterday and the ache on my right of my whole was purely orgasmic and I was so torn between the activities we were caught up in and gym. Jun Yat squashes me each time he hugs for a little longer as he takes his breath, then leaves me there trying to catch mine. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clarence's 22nd

Last Sunday we celebrated Clarence’s 22nd at his apartment in Beachfront at Sentosa Cove. The drive in was long and serene and a part of it definitely feels like I’ve landed myself in Beverly Hills if I wasn’t certain about reality. His birthday barbecue we had quite a complicated grill/cooker that we only used half of it. But we had wine, music and great company throughout the entire night and talked it away. It was just a simple night, but there were a few people missing from the scene - Like Kenneth and Jueyi and I’m pretty sure Clarence would very much like them to be there.

I bought a roll of film on that day for my Vivitar Lomo only to realise that it couldn’t work and some part of it snapped on the inside and I’m feeling very paranoid about it. It’s not retailing anymore and I like how the pictures turn out. And I’m mind fucking myself about upgrading my camera body and lenses and as usual I’m doing more financial damage than I can imagine. This internship is ending and every day I step into the office not feeling anything new, having a caffeine fix which is something odd and trying to make the best out of it. 

Our days are short lived.