Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends, and Families

This happens when I take a little time off work and studies to catch up on Family. These years, we’ve regarded them more than a friend, treated them as Family and the companion had never been more amazing. They are, my inspiration to everything. The steamboat gathering had been heartwarming, especially when you’re seated at a table with familiar faces, with no trouble of feeling awkward, and mixing Casey’s home-made Chicken Rice Chilli together in our bowl of sauce - It never felt more like home. 

Today during morning lecture, my mom whatsapped me if I needed the car for school next Tuesday. I told her it’s fine, I’ll take a bus within school compounds (Even if it means taking a shuttle from Computing to Science and being late for lecture) she worries, I said it’s okay. She texted me that she loved me, and gave me a kiss “Muak" - Her exact words I quote. I told her I love her too and taught her xoxo (hugs and kisses) and she learnt a new phrase. Xoxo my dear. #LGMH

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrapped in a day

I scrolled through my archives for this month and realized how little I’ve been writing. August came and went, it didn’t stop like how the other months used to… Having to go to school every single day gets a little boring, and countless school woes I’d like to talk on for hours. My cameras have gotten pretty stale in my dry cabinet, I lack of inspiration that totals the drive and motivation. 

We would fork out 4 bucks for a brownie, close to 30 bucks for a decent meal, 8 bucks for a grande coffee… We don’t earn this much, but they actually make you feel better. I dreamt of a comfortable space, that I can work in, throw ideas in the air, round the interior together, and call in the best people for a cup of coffee on a beautiful day… Not sitting at my desk in over-worn clothes, bedroom slippers, and a laptop hidden between 2 piles of books.

Everything goes so much better with a clear blue sky. I can’t live.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Con-done (To overlook)

Matilda xx

Summer froze at a good time - Lectures have started and our days have never gotten busier. It feels like a matter of weeding out better social options but it was supposed to be a relaxed affair with perplexed and perused readings. I secretly wished I had enough time to continue working part-time to fund my never ending on-line expenses, regardless. Other than that, I’ve been trying to restrain and hopefully this temptation will cease. 

I thought, 20 years is a long time to think through anything. Everything that happened in my life had been a coincidence, or I worked really hard and prayed for a miracle - so far. A friend told me about the newer generations, XYZ I can’t make out of; we are actually making an effort and a greater commitment to be together and to see through marriage and after. 

In a relationship, we get tangled in struggles, in fights that will suffice. Sometimes they rake you skin deep, sometimes you struggle to stay afloat. Another friend of mine got looped out of a 3 year odd relationship, and it’s natural to feel sad. These issues ain’t anything you could just throw away or lash your anger out on - These 3 years, there had been many incredible and amazing milestones that became a part of my life; a life-changing journey. So… I can’t imagine 3 years with anyone else except Jy, the only man who would love me the way I am.

And that’s what love is (almost) about, isn’t it? And your flaws?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NUS Rag & Flag 2011

This was what kept them busy the whole week. The raggers have put in that immense amount of effort for this day. The performances and floats have been beyond amazing, and I am so proud of our crew. 

Also… Tilda and I stayed up till 4 in the morning sharing our dreams. We’ve taken our first baby step and hoping to see it all magically happen. No one should ever feel completely bereft of any emotion or hope just because dreams doesn’t always come true. 

P.S. I’m sorry for my mediocre photography and without my usual lens to amplify the bokeh in the background :’(