Monday, January 30, 2012

DJ's 21st Remix

A disheveled man in his 70s was sitting at the bus station today. He crouched over with both palms over his knee but no one seemed to notice. He was people watching silently. He gazed in admiration at these people, that they were what he imagined himself 50 years ago. This sequential memory came back - A combination of happiness, love, being loved, sadness and regret. 

Only 20, it hit me. I had more uncounted years, and this was how much life offered me. The man was the bud. He was how we bloomed and grew. There was no knowing how he did and nobody ever knew. The man is now alone, no one stopped to look at his endearing eyes - the bud was where his pupils were. Young, yet dilated. 

Here we are. At 21 we leave things undone, we smoke cigarettes and we hide our flaws so they can’t be weighed. We drink more beer than water, we forget how close our family was and we squirm around older history. One day, we forget that we will be the older history.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The old and the new

The end of the old beginning was filled with sadness and worry, followed by the start of a new beginning with loving and giving. Those days have improved so much and I’ve almost forgotten about this photo diary. 

The daily sun was disappearing fast. 2 days ago at spin class we lost 976kcals in an hour. Last night my friends and I had such wonderful pot luck and catching up. I felt I lost myself in between, the very same feeling when I sit in front of my working desk, listen to some music, and getting lost in piles of books. I write my to-do every day and it had been working fine, I just want to get it to work even better. 

I took a longer break than I can imagine, so let me know if you’re still there. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lunch by the pool

You know people usually take a dip by the poolside, and I pretty much do the opposite. Have a great new year guys!