Saturday, February 25, 2012

About being in love with life

I… Officially gave up trying to find time to celebrate my birthday this year. Quiet weekends with nothing in mind would suffice.

Sometimes we would gleam vicarious pleasure from the struggles or through the lives of other living beings, and tend to overlook our own. We forgot how being 21 is just a fraction of a whole life we have, to live rightfully and dutifully, working on every thing we document. We all have pasts that inflict painful thoughts, we tend to self-loathe… But we forget, that that memory isn’t about subtle curves or pale skin and delicate bones. We only have one chance, and a moment. That moment that you stole glances from, that moment that you let opportunity slip you by, that moment that you made your choice, and that moment when you’ve decided to walk away from our lives, forever.

What is your moment?

Instagram Weekend

Yet another instagram weekend. Yesterday, we brought Wincci to Tanjong Beach for the first time in her 10 years and she loved it. My grandma taught me how to cook a Cantonese meal for lunch as well. I’m actually slowly learning.

Today, I can’t quite put a finger on how I felt. I’ve always thought I was stronger, but I’ve thought wrong. I felt like my world crumbled on me, and when I woke up the feeling was real. That deep feeling of longing. 

I am also going to work on my tags and categories once my exams end in May. I hope you guys will have a better week ahead!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fruit food

Excessive reading of Women’s Health Magazine have caused me to watch my snack diet in between meals a little. And it’s recess week, which explains the extra time I have to prepare them and achieve a 4km run every morning. Days like that make me feel motivated and want to inspire the people around me. 

That’s one thing. But I can’t seem to apply the same motivation for work. I tend to not complete my projects and assignments and then I feel the intensity when it starts to pile up. Not cool. So today, I want to attempt to complete my part for Marketing Project so my weekends can be more fruitful. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Instagram Post

Sometimes I can’t seem to document what I do all the time. I get lazy, and the process is horrible. My weekdays are repetitive and mundane. So here’s a little instagram post, once in a while. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No new diet

Eggs too, for two. 

In life, we tend to destroy something beautiful all the time. Something that was right in front of you, something that worked out, something that you thought you could keep for almost forever, something that you find special between friends, or something you dreamt that made you wake up feeling good about. I remembered how I used to set goals for myself in between school breaks, write them down in my diary hoping I’d complete them. For the past few years, I did. Tonight I did no different. I synced my to-do list on my Mac together with my iPhone hoping it would prompt me tomorrow, to keep me right on track. 

My handwritten journal had gone dry with all the ink. I hardly find space in it anymore. My readings have slowed in pace… Recess week ahead will be filled with research and completion of projects. I wished I had mid-terms to study for now, instead. So… This weekend I spent my time being sick. The last time I came down with a temperature was a week before finals last semester. Now ite27s bugging me again.

It’s 11.40 in the night and I have sudden cravings for tacos and cous cous salad. That’s bad. May, you should make your way here soon. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I miss a little of everything about.

These were my weekend. I figured school could be such a nice date place even if you were to sit around and just study. You take short breaks in between and when you put your heart into it, the reading doesn’t stop. I like it when motivation sticks around, once in a while. 

I digress. I regretted placing Biz Tech Tutorial on a Monday. Each time I get in and out of class I figured I became 2 different person, like a part of my day is in limbo and I get so drained out listen to her talk. The content is so horrible sometimes it freaks me out. 

Oh and I’ve been reading AdWeek recently and I came across this today that I’d want to share - “Where are you going? Where have you been?" Your just-another marketing platform, but they never last. 

Ta for now.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A kind of Saturday

I am definitely writing once again. 

My lounging time doesn’t exist anymore since I’ve stashed my series-watching days aside. This morning, I came across Midnight in Paris and I actually liked Owen Wilson in this film. When we’ve thought Paris was only beautiful in the day… We thought wrong. 

I spent my weekend with the best committee at Barrage (Potluck, Meeting and Bonding Session), getting hooked up with Syu to celebrate her 21st at CM-PB and a late gym session with Fang. It’s Sunday and the weekdays are almost here again. I’ve managed to pile up my to-do list successfully - No magnificent drive but I marveled at how I still manage to go to bed at the end of the day feeling a little more accomplished than the last. The day gets a little too stimulating, sometimes. 

Today I woke up to tiny scarce ants on my table and I scrambled to take a cloth and wipe them away. They must have been attracted to the food I’ve left behind when I had my dinner in front of my work the previous day. I’ve not washed my pink curtain linens for almost a month now, and while the streets are still buzzed with families of such vitality, I stay in bed with a little more procrastination to complete some work and get up for tuition later. It’s been some time since I last coached, and I hope I don’t disappoint. 

Midnight in Paris to soothe the soul, nonetheless.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shared by many

Beef Udon from Itacho Hong Kong, Beef Patty Burger from Outback Steakhouse Hong Kong, Rare Steak from Outback Steakhouse Hong Kong

"Still Life."

I need a push. 

My plans for this year have completely changed. I no longer want what I’ve been wanting. I have been fickle over routine decision making. The only thing I’ve set my heart on is to focus and to do well. The rest is secondary, and supplementary. 

I forgot how I used to complement this being the best place to live in. But you see, there are no tulips in the garden, no lined trees with seasons. We want to live the moment, in a perfect memory. 

The perfect memory.

Friday, February 3, 2012

We were all the same

Life has been moving at a breakneck speed. It was preparations for New Year, followed by Christmas in Genting, Hong Kong in December… It’s February now and these less-than-beautiful days were just a little tougher than how they should have been. 

The moments were like gasoline that we can’t remember we spilled. Those happy days were held up with the nights that sustained its glow. And the moments lingered in stale air. We fought to love.