Thursday, May 31, 2012

KL in April

Waaaayyy overdue photos from my Kuala Lumpur trip in April when tum had his 1 week break. We stayed at Grand Seasons Hotel, and I loved it. It was 5 mins away from the train station, that we sadly found out on the second last day of the trip and not too far off from Bukit Bintang and Petaling Street (The 2 places that we frequent most - for food and leisure).

I had lou xu fan twice just cause I had this craving for it. I missed the crepe, crepe from Hong Kong, Krispy Kreme and all the shopping that I did. There was this small hidden home korean restaurant located at Sungei Wang, served above was the bulgogi beef ramyun, it was perfect. We spent the remaining days winning lucky draws and over eating, buying beauty products that I never used. Such cheap thrills. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Dad

So much thoughts and calories to process in 4 days. My dad came back for a business meeting and we spent the remaining days having breakfast, brunch, high tea, desserts, ice-cream and more calorie-taxing food. I had a long day at work this week, went to gym class twice for cardio shape and yoga stretch (yin yoga) and did not just buy myself a pair of shoes on impulse. (The after sales process of telling myself that I’ll find occasions to wear it) It was on sale! 

In no respective order, I bought bread and made milo before work in the morning, before gym class. We also had cakes and macaroons from bakerzin, pepperi chicken with tomato and carrot puree and sliced potatoes from olio cafe and persienne all-day from wild honey (french toast). We settled at BQ Korean for dinner at one street after China Street too. The time spent together though short, was amazing. My hair has grown longer too!

It’s all about directions. All you need is a direction, quote dad. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The amazing weekend

Featuring Autumn Bunnies upcoming collection this Thursday, 24th May 2012! 

This weekend was one of the busiest weekend of the month. I spent my entire Friday spring cleaning my room, re-arranging the furnitures and trashed a stash of what seemed like my childhood memories. My dad is back for a business meeting, the familiar MI faces celebrated Sarah’s 21st at her residence, and I had dim sum and high tea with my parents at No Signboard Seafood and Bakerzin after. I’m finally (very slow indeed) having my 100Mbps internet speed at the end of the month. 

Not forgetting Justin being so tolerant with all my weird attitude and behaviors - And spend 3 hours walking around just to find something that really satisfies me (Rum balls from Subway Niche) and a new found love at Paper Market and Typo for abstract artwork and crafts. I forsee a hectic week at work ahead :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Can we still find happiness with the things that go on in our lives?

I cannot be more sure about being happy. Being happy was one of the most important thing in life which I still care about. It’s been a while and things have been crazy around here. Nights where we still care about one another, being in love, being friends, choke on each other’s heartbeat, choke on the stale smoke-filled air… 

People tend to say goodbye in their own little ways. Some ways in which they mean it, and some ways which they don’t. It wasn’t about the almost perfect recipe of being friends, of being in love, and falling out of it. But that’s how the story goes, time had passed, the same people have moved on, and everything has changed. 

The question is, ”Can we still find happiness with the things that go on in our lives?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The bunny trade

Suede Accent Lookbook for Autumn Bunnies. Be sure to check them out on the 9th May, 9PM sharp!

It has gotten to a wild start, and one day I will figure it all out. The past week was intense, a week of turmoil I’d put it. I’m pretty fed up about cutting my losses, and it comes to a point where I’ve cut too much I start cutting people off - People whom I was once close to, people whom I’ve always believed right from the start that these were the friendships that were worth investing in. It’s nice to finally feel real, when reality sets in - It reminds me of a hurt I can’t exactly pin-point. “You always see the good in people, but you don’t see how much they’ll hurt you in the end." That’s my flaw, isn’t it? 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wudang, China

Wudang, China

The Wudang Mountains is a small mountain range in the northwestern part of Hubei Province of China. I loved hiking The Great Wall in Beijing during winter, and I definitely loved hiking Wuda.g with the best people you could ever ask for. It’s almost Summer now and holidays are here. It only takes you one night to fall into a limbo, get too caught up with the present, and when it’s finally here you don’t know what to do. The day will eventually end.

Those days were lonely as hell.