Friday, August 24, 2012

Unplanned consumer behavior

It was 50-50. Syu planned our buffet dinner with Shenn and I at Greenhouse last Wednesday and so many unplanned events happened after. The food at Greenhouse remains the same from what I remembered last year during Jotham’s birthday. The only difference was that - I took more salmon and tuna sashimi, ate more duck - both roasted and braised, had a dessert crepe, and in short, expanded my stomach and ate more of everything except the drunken prawns. 

We miraculously appeared at Zouk and it turned out that it was their TGIW day… All I remembered was a non-stop series of shots and drinks that I can’t exactly make out of until I left at 2am where the real party started :( Apparently Clarence tried contacting my iPhone where it was in my bag the whole time… It was a Wednesday of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones :) 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Equinox High Tea with Family

My mom brought my family and ju out to have high tea together on one Saturday. We were lounging on the 70th floor of Swissotel (The Stamford) away from the heat and the scorching sun. I love Swissotel, if you haven’t noticed, with 2 consecutive years of birthday celebrations and casual dinners, it never really left me to be honest. 

The food served during high tea was generally fine, besides the low variety and less sumptuous as compared to dinner - I’d recommend the Laksa and their hand made Prata if you’re interested! Not a food guru, not someone who would go out of the way to frequent new and constant popping of cafes, and definitely someone who prefers dining with good company and food instead. 

I’m so sick from talking about school, and ever since I stopped my part-time job it feels like I’m unable to handle my bursting expenditure on online shopping again. I went into ASOS, checked out 3 items… I went into GoJane, and ordered a pair of shoes from a spree. All. In. An. Hour. Now I’m guilty and will not think of those expenses until my items arrive. 

Syu made a reservation for 3 at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton) tonight for Shenn and I. Now isn’t a really good time to all have buffet, after the 2 consecutive teppansteamboat cravings I made ju satisfy with me… Syu always has her ways of persuading me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Samuel Wong Photography

I spent some time re-charging from the less hectic week 1 from school over the long weekend, and I’m sure Samuel did too. Sam, is a young and aspiring freelance photographer, also one of my very good friends whom I first met in Uni. I love his works, his images and perspective of photography - Filled with a different type of love and passion amongst other things. 

Photographing both of my friends, Leroy and Huimin, through their long years of relationship, these photos speak a thousand words, like how models of economics simplifies the understanding of the world around us - and this like no other. I love sharing such love and opportunities of my friends to the people around me… So you’ll be able to find him on Facebook and his works here. They’re pretty awesome I’d say. 

My day off Tuesdays, but still as busy as a bee. Going out for a little dinner with juju later, but he’s taking his dream big nap. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

About the body

I’m almost late for lunch but I’m still on my yoga mat in a grasshopper position trying to relate my thoughts to whoever that might be reading this space. My Asian marketing module exam falls on Juju’s birthday on the 12th of November, while I’m already going crazy thinking of what to do for that weekend, it just got replaced with “to study for asian marketing”. I get such occasions when I’m in Uni, alot in fact. 

It’s been 2 months since I last ran. I attempted to run 2 hours ago and I felt horrible. Horrible because 2km felt exhausting with the heat and the lack of discipline made me feel a whole lot worse. So I did Cassey’s Blogilates Pop Pilates for 30 minutes on my yoga mat trying to make myself feel better, and reading up on the whole clean eating thing trying to make sense of when I should actually start. 

It is now that I should abstain and quit alcohol, that includes beer because it’s not going to help in getting a better body. Check out Blogilates and IYfit - My daily must-reads/ follow, especially this semester kicked off to a really slow start. I’m hungry. See ya’ll in school! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

SoC Oweek 2012

To sum up my whole Computing Orientation Week 2012 experience… Being a part of this committee was one of the best things that happened this year - The meticulous process which spanned across 10 months of planning and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that followed the execution, has finally ended. I cannot possibly thank each and everyone enough for this whole enjoyable and memorable journey I had in Computing, but looking at all the faces (all the sweat and glory) I know they liked what the committee has planned out for them.

Marketing committee (Alvin and I) efforts for securing the sponsorship and venue which paid off at Wavehouse Sentosa last Wednesday was almost kick ass. The finale pageant contestants were spontaneous and everyone made it almost perfect. My first ever event that was planned and materialized made me feel… Important in a way. And getting up to stage to present a prize as the Marketing Director was such an experience. 

I loved my whole committee for this (All parts of the committee) for the super fun and shag times, thanking Samuel, Zhi Kai and Eugene for the moments they captured, Jordus (Owner of WeAreRubbish) who sponsored the ladies apparels and beach wear as seen above, and Sherman whom helped us to DJ our night away…

Thank you guys for this milestone :)