Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at Graze

Graze, Rochester Park

My dad was back in town three weeks back, and I had to bring my family to Rochester Park after a few dining experiences with my friends - Da Paolo and Roast. We wanted to try something else and found Graze, a few meters away from the French restaurant which was filled with families and their kids.

I went with simple and the ordinary lunch platter - served with cold cuts, smoked salmon, duck rillete, cheddar, pickled veg, side salad, mustard, toasted rye. I really loved the idea how the mixes were served in mini glass bottles, but such a hassle to eat with - still loved it anyway. My dad went with the bone-in leg lamb chop on the BBQ menu which he thought was really nasty and nice. It felt like he came back for a food-trip, and his daughters suddenly became like gluttons in a span of a few months. Not entirely true.

My gym regime has came to a halt, I barely have time to deal with this shape now (Excuses) but I wished I could work with the impossible. My entries have been none other than lusterless and I promise I will update it once in a while... Most assignments are almost due, major exams are also coming up so fast, and fretting over some other kind surprise.

I hope you'll have a good week! Monday is almost ending :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Those lights

These lights will guide you home, slowly but surely.

I spent half of the Saturday I have to finish up the site for another client, and I'm pretty much too beat to complete another one. I'll get it up on my portfolio site in a couple of weeks! So much had happened since I moved over in twenty twelve, and the different things I've shared with much lesser frequency, the life I'd call my second best. My first the infant memories.

There you leave yourself, alone in your own thoughts, the sad that was supposed to be. People are often afraid to write how they really feel, but these lies don't cease, and the sad will never go away. The empty words, the lonely nights, the mornings that felt like death - It goes on. Till we set our heart free.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Then and now

It's been quite some time since I did a handmade card for someone, almost a year since I made a birthday card for my mom in 2011. That was us in 2008 at Timbre, still young, still fresh in our friendship - Not that we're not young and fresh anymore. Everyone moved on with their lives but the friendship pretty much stayed the same. There in the folder laid 6 cards, one for each of our best wishes for our birthday girl :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

If I could fly

Here's a song that I'm hooked onto and I'd love to share with you guys.

The past few days of e-learning week had been nothing but hectic. I love strange conversations with my uncle. Each time we have a conversation together I never fail to walk out of the car feeling inspired, more competent and worthy of myself, and that no one is competent at knowing everything that is taught or learnt, but practice makes it perfect. Imagine. Imagine you're doing something that you're already fluent with, over and over again - No books, nothing you don't know because it's something that you've mastered at the back of your hands. But knowledge isn't.

He asked me, "Do you still understand the concepts and what you've been taught once you've shut your textbook and stashed your notes? Or when your semester is over? Are you able to apply it, to life?" Honestly at this fast-paced stage, I can't. It's like web design. I used to require so much help, with books, with google, with practice. And I believe with more time and practice, everyone can. So can you.

Be inspired, feel inspired. You deserve it.

By the way, I've worked out my portfolio site and it's available for viewing now! Thank you everyone for your support thus far, and a few sites which I've yet to put up, please bear with me :) And X-factor's on! You guessed it pretty much, I need my daily dosage of TV programmes, ta!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The exhausted

A black-and-white image entails the current mundane incoherent student life I currently have. A day covered in slightly higher PSI, a fairly lit tree and a parked jeep.

It was on a Sunday that my OCD kicked in pretty badly. I woke up to finish some assignments, wanted to start on an almost due web project but ended up packing my entire room (again) and re-shifted some of the furnitures while packing the shoe closet. I now have my table facing the window and my macbook placed right at the corner. There's definitely something I love about having L-shaped workstations.

And the best thing about having to send my sister for a birthday celebration in town? I get free salmon sushi brought home shared between Justin and I. Definitely watching Taken on 5 now.

Taking a break!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The daily

My daily swag.

The past 2 months have been pretty stagnant, and work was pretty much constant. No live feeds, no new inspirations and no flamboyant pictures. And I'm sorry. So as you can see, I have re-worked the whole web and have split it into 2 huge categories that I used to once lump them up together. It's a Saturday and my dad have came and went - a week had passed, so much had passed and all the weight I've put on.

My comment form is still pretty nasty, and I'm full from trying to figure out the settings for blogger once again. As you've remembered I had an archive of posts on the once old and current domain, but I've finally affirmed my decision that change it is. So I did. Jolted up from bed, missed sending my dad off to the airport, and worked on the sites for less than the day.

I'll get the non-working links up as soon as I find time again, but if you'd like to tell me you're still here, drop me a comment on my formspring (above) or email me personally to say hi xx Oh by the way, I've added a bloglovin' link (on the left) that you can easily read and follow.

I'll see you soon I promise!