Friday, January 25, 2013

My bikram yoga journey

It's been 14 days since I last wrote here. I've been working with my body in a hot room since. It all started when my group of friends decided to take a Bikram Yoga trial at Pacific Plaza, and that first 90 minutes in the hot room felt great, at least for my first time. I remembered how I had to constantly look at the people in the mirror to correct my poses, I had trouble locking my knees and getting my proper compression head to knee poses. I was amazed at how a 90 minutes session could make me feel so at ease, and I wanted to know more. So I went home to read up more on Bikram, which made me inspired to do more of it.

Before I knew it, I signed myself up for a 10-days Bikram Yoga trial at Harbour Front Centre. It was the start of my motivated journey.

Here is the studio where I go for classes diligently for the next 10 days. It was a whole new environment and new instructors. There are 26 poses in Bikram in total, and reading Bikram Yoga Vancouver's site the night before made understanding these postures so much better. Day 1 was a lot of trying, locking of knees and pulling of my feet. It was where practice came in.

The 10 days I spent with my mind and body in the hot room was amazing. I had good and bad days; days when I feel lethargic, tired and periodic hunger pangs that attacked. But there were days that I felt strong and free. I came across reading "10 Things I Hate About Bikram Yoga" off the net and I thought it hit the nail on the spot. It was the addiction, the sweat, the heat, the posture and how it never ends. It was a 90 minute session that took my mind off school, work and everything else. It was a session of me.

It was truly rewarding and amazing. I loved it, and I'm willing to share. Any other new yogis out there? :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

The light of my life, chapter one

Sometimes I think it's crazy yet amazing how love happens when no one seeks, and how he comes knocking at your doorstep at your lowest moments. Our lives are unpredictable, and I never thought I would end up falling for someone like him; Someone that makes me laugh in class, someone that has a bag full of never ending jokes, and someone so amicable that I can share the past one year of my life with.

And I'm thankful - for looking out for me all the time, to make sure I'm okay with school, being myself, and sometimes alone. I never thought I would like this life better, but it had made me wiser, more frugal and a tad simpler. Thank you for sharing your life with me, fit me somewhere that I can get used to, and sometimes too much because I feel so alone when you're not here with me. Yet I'm okay.

You made me a fighter from the weak, and a lover from a friend. And the one and only.

Love, Jo
My life worth documenting, in chapters and segments.
The light of my life (TLOML)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Liebster Award

Nadia from glamrocklady, my new friend from Indonesia has nominated me for "The Liebster Award". Thank you! Liebster, dearest in German.

First... The Liebster Award rules:

• Bloggers nominate other up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award.
• If you receive the Liebster, you must:
◦ Tell 11 random things about yourself. 
◦ Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked you.
◦ Nominate 11 other bloggers and make sure you notify them.

11 random facts about me:

1. I have this weird habit of being clean, or love cleanliness for that matter. I tend to vacuum hair/ dust and rugs whenever I feel that the room I stay in gets too dirty.
2. I get inspired any time and too easily. And because of that, I change my mind about doing things too fast. Now, I depend a lot on discipline to complete things that I've set out to do.
3. I am ambidextrous.
4. I love to read. And when I have time, I love re-reading books that I have read.
5. I love working out first thing when I wake up. It makes me feel energized throughout the day. It also makes me more inclined to eat clean and right.
6. I don't like to stay in school longer than my desired schedule.
7. I have a phobia of camps.
8. I get tired easily while driving, hence I don't make the best driver. I often only manage short trips with breaks in between.
9. I love dogs. My boyfriend has a maltese named Wincci (13 years old) and a cocker spaniel named Spencer (3 years old) and he's a huge puppy.
10. I keep an organizer with me all the time, every single year. I love lists and I love to be neat.
11. I have a favorite disney character. His name is Pooh.

Questions from the nominator:

1. Who is your favorite blogger? Aimee Song of Songofstyle.
2. Where are you from? Singapore, located near the equator.
3. What is your favorite moment in your life? The first deep breath of morning air, that I get to be awake for a brand new day that I can start right.  
4. What do your think about yourself? I think I have the capability to achieve my goals, but only when I am very determined. Which I can't afford to lose any moment.
5. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Favorite actor: Ian Somerhalder. Favorite actress: Maggie Q. I'm a fan.
6. Who inspires you the most? My mom. She has single-handedly brought my sister and I up, with my dad working miles away most of our lives.
7. What do you think about haters? Haters will hate.
8. Favorite designer? Alexander Wang.
9. Describe your style? Simple, very simple. 
10. What is the first thing that you put in your bag? My red pouch of necessities.
11. What is your currently favorite outfit? Rompers for lazy days. I've been having many lazy days, but school's starting next week.

My nominees shall answer these 11 questions as well!

Inspired & Experimental
Love and Ace
Our Life on the (big) Computer Screen


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our day in film (Lomo redscale)

Just a few images of what I took on my roll of film a few months back. Taken with a Lomo Redscale XR Negative. It was my first attempt in using a redscale film and there are many other factors that I did not take note of; sunlight, exposure length, shutter speed... I hope my next roll will turn out less red than the first!

It was a weekend to remember. The morning air smelled like pancakes in the kitchen when the boy decided to sleep in. He's not exactly in the zone for early breakfast, neither was he exactly in the mood to be baked in the sun for a walk near the coast. But he got up for both, commented on another best breakfast, and ferried us to the coast. It was a long walk when serenity hung around for a while. The still-set waters, the sky-scraped trees, and a little monkey to keep us company.

The view we looked out to, and the view that I missed. It's been a year, and I like how backdated films have this ability to make us share our story.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tastes from home

Pearl and I hand-made chocolate mousse with strawberries

Jordus, Joyce and Ade's English styled minced beef in wonton skin

John and Melody's English breakfast in mini bite-size

Fang and Bryan's hand-made pasta with bacon and sauteed mushrooms

This was our Christmas spent together with friends - Bringing us the various tastes from home. We had a pot-luck party which included dishes from starters to desserts, and everyone wrapped it up pretty nicely. It made me feel happy when I saw how effortless they made them looked. Too good. These 2 years had been pretty rough for the some of us, some had left since. But what matters most are the ones who genuinely cares and the ones that have stayed. Thank you for these 5 years, and more to come :)

This time, I'm not sure if I have accomplished what I've set out to do back in 2012 that had passed, almost in breakneck speed. But what makes me smile is that, I have seemingly improved from the very first semester in school (which takes a little while to get used to) and I get to sleep in comfort each night, waking up to brand new tomorrows. I am truly happy and blessed.

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Here's to a bubbly start! - Prosperity McFizz from MacDonalds :)