Sunday, February 24, 2013

Explore wilderness, and little amazing creatures

A nature workout.

It was nothing short of fun, wild and amazing. It's been a while since John and I actually went for nature walks and hikes since we graduated from Poly almost 3 years ago, but we dragged our not-so-sorry asses out to go for one on a Sunday morning. We walked many bridges at high tides and there was nothing much to see; so we hunted for little insects, flowers-bees and nectar. On our way out after a 3 hours hike, we found a squirrel on a sign trying to eat his apricot - then I walked as near as I could (on my prime lens) and photographed it with much enthusiasm and intent. I think we walked over 10,000 steps in total, so I sat on the bridge to show you my happy smiling face.

Now I'd be paying for the work which I've procrastinated long enough, which I'll never learn to prioritize. Happy Sunday to you guys :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taking control of all that matters

It's been a week of grief, and here I am telling the voice in my head to forget what had happened, relive the happiest memories, and to take control of all that matters. Self-motivation is interesting. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel different from the last - so you jump out of bed, get changed into your workout gear, go for a run, grab a snack and a healthy breakfast, all in an hour. Splendid productivity. That's what happened this morning.

A 4km run, a flight of 40 high-stepped stairs, and a 100 side-to-side abs raise with a 3lb weight.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day to be kept warm

Top from Hollyhoque, Pants from Cheap Monday, Bag from Longchamp, Accessories from Hermes & Aldo

Here's my NY break, and the work starts all over again. 

There is something about the weather that warms us inside out these days - A knitted wear and a pair of jeans is a perfect match. It was another annual reunion for my lovely friends and I - The almost perfect comfort wear in a 23 degrees weather in Hot Sunny Singapore. My days of celebration had been short, and this year had been one of the craziest NY breaks I've ever had, not to mention the hardest period for my family and the loss of our loved one.

But that's okay. I had so much going through my head for the last 7 days since it happened - How I wanted to pull out my stash of papers and start scribbling what seemed like my vivid memory then, into words of sorrow. It didn't happen indefinitely, but sometime next week I want to, and I want to keep a pocket of happy memories of all our lives spent together. The cousins have pulled up together closer than before; the late nights of bonding sessions, the fatigue that never left throughout the 5 days of the wake, and the painful last words we got to say. It's been a rough week, and I hope you guys have been well :)

Happy Chinese New Year and...
新年快乐, 年年有余! ♥

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A festive occasion and new year coordinate

Top from Amberavenue, Pants from ASOS, Necklace and accessories from Aldo, Watch from Rolex

This is one of the best red-and-white combination coordinate that I've pulled out of my closet for the new year by far. To be honest, I couldn't fit into the top that I had purchased from amberavenue when it arrived in the mail almost 4 weeks back; the white pants that I purchased from ASOS was slightly tight and uncomfortable. It was a miracle how I decided to try both outfits together again this morning, only to realize that I fit into both nicely with comfort. What actually happened?

My dad's taking a break from work and will be flying in from China on the 14th this month (exactly on valentine's); and I'd just want to thank my family, special thanks to my mom and sister who've made life more bearable and lovable for the past 22 years. I get a family to talk to, to cry to, to sleep and laugh together with. I can't exactly explain the relationship we had, and how the three of us grew together (with dad at work all the time), but it is remarkable how I will always love you guys for being by my side, and never less.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A day by the bay and my 2 babies

p/> It was another good morning of bikram, which followed with a relaxed brunch by the bay at Privé Café. We took a short walk from Harbour Front to Keppel Bay, strolling under the hot sun and an amazing scenery. It was calming, and most importantly, it was desirable.

I love taking short walks, especially when it's a little sunny, warm and nice. It's been almost 5 weeks of school, and I still feel a little laid-back, a mix of lazy and I can't seem to get proper work done. All I want for the next 5 days of NY break is to fix my tele, get a new laptop, clear backdated work and meet deadlines - And every single day is a struggle to fight this mental fatigue.

Nonetheless, I'm thankful for having these 2 babies in my life. Wincci, 13 yo (Maltese) on the left and Spencer, 4 yo (Cocker Spaniel) on the right. Today is pretty special. It's the first time Juju's helping out in the kitchen, chopping of potatoes, carrots... We're on his diet of lean-meat and vitamins and finally did a little grocery shopping together after a year. It was a great feeling that I missed...

And a life on the beach.