Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life with my dogs

I've been away, swamped with too much work! I really think blogging is almost (impossible) with work breathing down my neck every single day. If you've been keeping up with my instagram or twitter, I've been working out for almost 2 weeks now and I will be throughout the year, and I'll update if I see any difference in my body! So today's a Sunday and we brought our 2 favorite dogs out for a swim and run by the beach. I've also been busy with my birthday celebrations - Thank you to all my friends and family who've made it possible!

I adopted an abandoned dog on my birthday (14th March) and I'd just want to document. She's too adorable and she's a charm. We named her Winnie. The owner who abandoned her must be a jerk. She suffered bruises and her skin condition was bad, it's almost 2 weeks and she's so much less afraid and better now. (Shes in images 1 to 3) She came as a pleasant surprise; and it made my birthday so much better and I can't thank Justin enough for agreeing to it. My best girl friends (Bee Fang Joys Pearl) gave me an almost midnight surprise right in my bedroom and we donned on our team-banana sweaters for future movie meets.

I know it's been long and there's so much I'd want to write about, but I'll try to recollect my thoughts and write them another day. Right now I'd just want the next 5 weeks to be kind, to be able to complete assignments and projects (They get better eventually) and finally be able to start studying for exams officially!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March in wonderland

Who's not tired and weary? I was sincere that Sunday morning when my mom asked me to get out of bed for my morning hike. The weather was perfect - cool and lazy at the same time. It was so hard. It was a tree-top walk, so I started with many other groups of hikers and families, only that I'm alone. I ended my walk at Mount Faber, and the view was yet again amazing. I stood and watched families and tourists getting hooked onto the cable, and recalled how it felt like to be hooked on one in Switzerland to the mountains when I was four. It was my first snow encounter, and all I remembered was how my excitement sprawled all over when I could finally leave the cabin.

I don't get such self-contained excitements anymore. As I grow with age, all I get are tension headaches that hurt so bad. I hate muscle relaxants especially when I have a pile of work, and all I do in fact is to sleep it off when I get too drowsy. But here's the view that I'd love to share, and a tired face of mine. Breathtaking isn't it?