Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bangkok, 2013

I’ve been really fickle with my blog’s layout as of late - Partly because I don’t really know what I want, and I’m persistent in changing it hoping it would make me want to blog more. But I’ve been either really busy, or lazy. This layout’s a little different and I’m trying something new. It’s a little more to hide my posts and show more images (what I’ve always been doing) and maybe a change from large landscape images. 

I’m still waiting for Ju to bring my camera back from his place so I can finally get to look through what I took in Bangkok. Nothing amazing though. They’re filled with little snippets of what we did, no huge ass Canon or Nikon camera but just my pocket friendly s95.

Wednesdays are my stay-home days. I read what my friend posted on Facebook this morning “Snooze buttons are the worst inventions ever.” I don’t know how anyone could not relate to that but at that point in time when I felt like death dragging myself up from bed, I unanimously agreed. I like to keep lists, or an overview calendar of what my semester would be like. So last night before I slept I wrote down three things on my to-do list in my calendar (Learning my lesson from always being too ambitious) and I’ve checked two off so far. Thank God I’m on track. The very last one which is - To study for 4241’s 5% quiz tomorrow. I guess a little procrastination (Time at 8.24 now) wouldn’t hurt a little. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Re-loving what was stitched



Beijing, Guangzhou & Wuhan; China


Hong Kong

Life was so much slower then. Those were my travel opportunities in the past, and travel images that I’ve curated over the years. In Berkeley, my tutor taught us to never throw hard-disks away, or back-up and back-up over and over again. I’m thankful I only did it once, and then it got stashed away after newer hard drives came about. And she said, “One day you’ll go back to the images and be amazed at what you once took." Indeed I questioned myself, "Did I honestly take this?" I think I’ve came a long way with documenting my-day-in-pictures, and now I find it hard not to; only lazier and masked with less time. 

My friend approached me 2 days ago and asked me about the images I once took. I never had (so) much faith in the quality of my images that I used to shamelessly put up (and I feel pretty much disgusted by it now that I think about it) and I still don’t put up decent photos; I don’t blame myself anymore. I think right now all I want to do is to keep an archive of things that I love, used to love, and revisit them from time to time. Maybe taking such images, armed with my camera (and not my laptop) unlike these days really made me curate and write about who I really am. And I believe how watching what a person shoots, writes, and post - depicts who they are; and what they fear losing the most. 

It is a lot about me, and I don’t know what about you. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beautiful and Blessed Friday

I love weekends. In less than 50 days Ju ends his conscription with the army and he’s been looking forward to that since forever; and I think I do too, subconsciously. I definitely have nights that I sleep alone and only wished I had someone to hug me to sleep, or I could replace my pillow with his arms and fall asleep instantly. But that’s what I do best, and I think it’s my forte - to fall asleep in seconds; not a really good kind of forte isn’t it? 

That’s our ride; His precious love for already 3 years and I wouldn’t want the yellow to go anytime soon. I don’t remember a lot of things, but I remembered at the exact same spot 2 years ago, he asked me for my favorite color and hours later, he called me down to see a new shiny red helmet sitting on his bike. I didn’t know what it meant; if it was a welcome gift or to ask me to be his girlfriend, but I only know I was genuinely happy. I don’t know what it meant to be in another relationship, but we’re hitting the 2 year mark in November and there are too many celebratory occasions in that month alone :) Ju’s birthday, our 2nd year anniversary, his ORD… 

I am thankful, blessed and happy. I never actually wrote how I loved being in love, because it sounds so cheesy and cliche. But I liked the whole idea of having someone being there for you, to comfort you and talk to you every single time. And definitely for Ju, for him to carry my backpack at the front of his body while on the bike, and then tells me there’s a chair at the back of the garage while waiting for his bike to be serviced for quite a long time. Thank you love. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A short break at PS Cafe

PS Cafe was something that Rch had been telling me about last semester while doing projects together. She raved to me bout their truffle fries, and I really wanted to try. After semester PS Cafe-trip never happened until I got back, so we went there 2 weeks ago for lunch and boy was it amazing. I checked into Foursquare and of course many other FS users listed it as a must-try; sinked my teeth into its crisp-ness and then it melted in my mouth. So I unknowingly kept picking at the fries instead of my main :( I miss it already.

It was nice meeting Rch after such a long break; this sem I don’t have her taking any similar mods as me so it’s as tough as hell, but I’m not complaining. It would be better if we could take the same mods together though :) And yes, the point of this post was to crown The truffle fries. The next 2 weeks will be pretty much hectic - assignments, projects and submissions and they’re not even complete. Still trying to work with my heart in SF though. 

Oh and before I forget, my friend from Indiana University (IU) is currently doing a fundraising for her senior year film project that was approved by a Hollywood producer. Please help fund them and realize their dreams by clicking on this link:


Any amount would help, from USD1 or 10 to have your name on the credit roll. Your help is very much appreciated! With love.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Contact Prints, 8.5" by 11"


These were some of the prints I constructed in my apartment back in Berkeley. I guess my mind was exploding with ideas and I didn’t know where to start photographing from, and I don’t exactly know how the pictures would turn out or what I’d like to convey. But prior to everything else, my life wasn’t in that much of a mess. I was just undirected, and I don’t exactly know what I want to do in a year after I graduate. 4 years seem pretty long after going through 3 years in Polytechnic, but it’s pretty much the last lap and I’m glad I’ve come this far, despite the many countless times I never believed in myself.

When I left for Berkeley it was mid June this year. And now another quarter has passed and 2013 gave me more determination and a great start to many things. I picked up fitness (on a more serious note) and became more in sync with photography. I never expected me to use it to convey things I’d like to reconstruct in my head; I’ve always shot it as leisure and more often than not, as a lifestyle. But I loved how my canyon photos turned out. I loved how I managed to capture all the endearing moments and sunsets while I was away. I loved how it made me feel that it was the closest connection to myself when I had no one with me. But I had it in me.

This is the start of my photography journey. I’m definitely not a certified professional, but I definitely have to pay my dues. Welcome to my life. I’m finally back on track with my weekly cardio, strength and conditioning. If you see too little of me here, join me on instagram: jolenepoh :)