Monday, February 24, 2014

The night that looked like day

2 days ago, Ju tagged me in a link on Facebook; titled “I’m letting my wife go.” My first reaction, as guessed was, “Oh dear, this isn’t working out.” So I panicked. But that wasn’t what he meant at all, and it touched me to tears. But what I really thought hit the nail was this:

Real love tells me to let her fly and trust that she’ll always come back. I have to let her go so she can chase her dreams, pursue her education, and develop her talents.

Additionally, I have to let go of my fears that she might fly away and never come back. If the fish were to clip the bird’s wings, he would risk trimming her dreams and smothering her altogether.

It struck me so hard, that, was I one whom is afraid to be constrained? Or am I susceptible to chasing the flame that I once dreamed of? Either way, it’s been 27 months since we’ve got together. We’ve came a long way since we were friends almost 6 years ago, finally decided to integrate our lives and live with our flaws, and grow into a better person for one another. Sometimes there are some gratitude that you can never forgo, like the ones you have for your family, friends and your lover (basically the people that have stuck by you regardless of shit you’ve gotten yourself into). 

They have definitely given me the opportunities to find myself, see the world, meet new people from all walks of life, trying to bring out the best in me throughout this whole journey. Yes, they are “letting me go”, and I am too, and I am proud of them. 

Sometimes we also need them to remind us to take a step back, and look at how stupid we are. We learn, and then we move on. I love having Jo times. But now it’s time for bed. Thank you love, for giving me so much more than what you can offer. You are sorely missed. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Shanghai Escapade

Shanghai was… Well, Shanghai. We did almost everything the travel guide has told us to, well almost. We flew in and have met with the wet, chilly and cold SH weather. It definitely wasn’t the best weather we were expecting for, but I guess the rain and puddled floor really made its buildings and lights reflective in the night, and that’s okay. I kind of loved how the photos turned out, loved how the old streets of Shanghai looked in winter, and loved how every street and corner were photographic opportunities.

The world is a beautiful place, with some places as compared to the others, are less travelled. Many of us struggle with our inner-self, our inner thoughts, and have seen people in the world get bullied, assaulted, and even breaking hearts and losing self-worth. Then I asked myself, “What have I done this far?” Many things. Some, I would have regretted along the way, and for some… I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Through the cold wind and heavy air, I thought about what would happen a year down the road. I would have graduated then, I wouldn’t be traveling like how I currently am. What would it be like?

Mid-life crisis, I googled. Entranced by the crisp air… I’m just sitting on my bed in residence, and my 1 day old fan/ heater right beside me, dreaming that it crackles. 2 more weeks to 5 mid-terms.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is amazing. I’ve never been so close to nature and breathtaking sights in HK before, this time it’s a little different. It’s a little part that I’ve opened my heart to - exploration. These sights are secondary. What exactly went through my mind during the (mini) hike, was a turmoil. I thought about how I missed my family, and yearned for my grandmother to enjoy these little nothings in life. It didn’t cost much to get there, just a $16.50HKD per trip for a ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. Just quaint, laid-back and serene.

I sent my mom the photos immediately. She replied, “Wow, take us there someday.” I really wanted to. I’ve been really active with my Facebook these days. My friends here in Hong Kong are really active with theirs, and I’m almost keeping up. We signed Cali Gym here, and it’s been a week since I’ve joined their Privilege Membership; I’d say luck was on our side, and we’re just making a hell full use of it. The facilities are amazing. The classes are, kick-ass.

This is a place that I’d like to re-visit again, probably alone. X