Friday, August 29, 2014

Unboxing: Bellabox August 2014






It’s been a year since we did our last project on Bellabox, and here I’ve decided to do my virgin unboxing of the Bellabox for the month of August! I’ve also had some pictures of the July’s box, but it was nothing as impressive as my August box so I thought I’d like to share :) The thing about subscribing to BB is that, you get sample-sized bottles of hair care, collagen drinks, cosmetics, face care and sometimes they pile up in your drawer when you start neglecting them because they are not in your usual usage “routine”. I can’t agree more. 

So I’ve decided to make it a point to actually use/ consume the sample products that BB has sent me. Andddd I absolutely love how they send me shampoo and conditioner bottles because they’re easy and convenient to bring to the gym! Ok I digressed. I really loved this month’s BB - who can resist awesome paper-bag packaging, and additional items on top of your usual monthly surprise? Double surrrprise! 

I was gifted with a travel-sized UV Aqua White Starter Kit, perfect for travels and easy packing in resealable lock case, and the highly raved about Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite Collagen Drink. I’ve heard about it at work and there are quite a number of places selling it, but I’ve never gotten around to try it. This is what it helps with:

This drink works synergistically with our body bio-rhythm to support restful sleep, improve metabolic rate and recharge energy while restoring skin youthfulness. 

After all the late nights (whatever happened to sleeping at 11pm), I feel a little de-energized, sometimes so tired I fall into a deep slumber almost after 5 seconds. I think the description suits me perfectly. Ahhh nuff’ said. In this month’s BB, I also got: 

Tealy Anjou Paradise Ceylon Tea
UV Aqua White Starter Kit
HEE Eternity Hydro-Gel Mask 24K Gold + Syn-Ake
Kneipp Lemongrass & Olive Body Lotion & Body Wash
Sleek MakeUp Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal
Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s about time I start reading up on reviews on these products, but I know I’ll definitely love it. I’ve also started using on this other set of face care products, but let me share only if I see results! :P The reviews online have been so promising. 

I also can’t wait to share more about my 7-days Bangkok trip with Ju earlier in the month. We definitely did all things touristy and it was a heck load of fun. Thanks for being the best travel partner x

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Urban Slings

"Every accomplishment comes with the decision to try."

This was something that I’ve came across on tumblr and reblogged almost a thousand of times, and it all started with following a single fitblr, that led me to following the next, and the next… And then #fitgirls on instagram, one after another. If you’ve followed me for quite a while now, you would have realized that I’ve been into fitness, or have been a fitness enthusiast almost 4 years ago (I was Year 1 in Uni then) but never really took the progress seriously.

It all happened one day when I’ve decided to stitch a before (end 2012) and after (early 2013) picture together as a New Year Resolution. We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? 2011 was horrible. But that was also when I thought I was capable of paying off a gym membership at True Fitness with Fang, and got introduced to Les Mills and Spinning classes. It was then that changed the way I worked out, and more when Instagram started its instavideo function. Hurray.

It was then when I started buying sports bras, and Nike 3/4 tights that were perfect for spin classes (and still own them till date). They are super durable. But along the way I realized that the material and type of sportswear affects the kind of training you’d be doing. I used to wear the same type of sports bra and tights for spin, cardio, strength, yoga… Till I realized how high impact bras makes getting into yoga poses tough and uncomfortable.


Till I started getting different attires for different types of training.

"Sport-specific attire is designed take into account the types of movements that will be done and what type of fabric the wearer will need to stay comfortable and dry." Livestrong provides the type of fabric and some factors to consider based on the type of sports and activities you’ll be engaging in.


Urban Slings

Don’t we all want sportswear that offers both functionality and versatality? You get to look good, and definitely feel good while you work out in them! Well, Urban Slings, a sports luxe exclusive retailer in Singapore definitely got it all worked out for you! You get to purchase active wear that incorporates both fit and comfort, sourced globally from all over the world, for you :)

They currently have brands like Vie Active, Onzie, Michi & Equilibrium Activewear stocked on their site, and looking to expand their range that they carry. Being one of their contributors, I’d like to introduce you to Vie Active, an Australian Sports Luxe Brand from Bondi Beach.

Vie Active

Vie Active was born and founded due to their obsession for active sports, style and high performance athletics dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. It encompasses both fashion and function in their active wear and they take pride in both the technicality of its design, fit and comfort.

Vie Active Singapore



UntitledVie Active Wear, Bondi Beach Australia

To be able to train in their versatile pieces, was amazing. Geared in Vie Active’s F3 Compression Technology Active Wear, it felt like a second skin. It’s light, and managing squats didn’t cause the leggings to move, or even having to adjust it after every set. I have completed my HIIT, yoga flow session and legs superset in the gym with them, as well as wore them as my usual leggings.


Vie Active Wear, Bondi Beach Australia

You could get this set of Brazilian Butterfly Lori Sports Bra and Rockell Compression Tights at :) Follow them on instagram @urban_slings for updates & details!

  • 10% off when you sign up with them as a member

  • FREE delivery within Singapore on orders above $100

  • Redeem $10 for every 100 credits earned
Join me on the other side, as I start contributing my workout, fitness & lifestyle journey with US!