Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hey guys! If you've not already heard about it... Luxola is having a HUGEEE sale tonight!

If you have not already set your alarm for 8pm sales, simply wishlist the items you'd want to buy - think and pick and think and pick (You pretty much have 8 hours from now) and check them out when your alarm goes off :)

8pm - 9pm - "LXMM40"
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*Offer valid on 26 March until midnight; while stocks last. Not valid with other discounts. Not valid on non-discountable brands or products. Please check the details at Luxola's T&Cs Page.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Because it hurts us all.

Last night, I alighted at CCK Station, and went to the mourning site - It was filled with sadness and lots of tears. Many came to send their condolences, and I stood there, right at the back of all the chairs amongst those disheartened people. Our country is definitely deeply saddened by the loss of This Great Man.

RIP, Sir.

Image source credits: Razer SG

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Lawn

There will be days we loathe, hate and rant to death - That is why Twitter exists. There will be days we love, go for coffee runs, and feed ourselves with inspiration and jealousy - That is why Instagram exists.

Or at least, for me. When I feel horrible, or am in a naasty mood, I remember I have a twitter account. But on other days, I forget I even have that. No I don't even have the app on my phone because... It's not something I'd click into on a daily basis, unlike Instagram :P But the shitty part is, it contributes to probably 60% of my data usage. Oh the horror of SNS, what have you done! I digress.

I love how such a cosy little place exists in the middle of CBD area - The Lawn! Have you heard? I think I swear by their Olive Rice, and maybe the pacific dory (because I've yet to try their grilled chicken yada yada). It's nice when they run promotions, I patronize... But when I get to use the entertainer app for a 1 for 1 item on the menu, I patronize even more :) Because both my friend and I get to pay less! So with that, both our meal (Olive Rice + Dory + Salad + Sauce) adds up to $15.20 after discount. STEAL.

Read previous post on The Entertainer App at The Den.

As usual, loving the interior. On hectic days, I've never once stopped to realize they actually have quotes, nice tables and benches. Never. But now I know :P And hence the pictures! Instagram-worthy. Speaking of that, my instagram is now filled with the occasional Ju's shameless selfies...

The Lawn

Yummy $7++ lunch! I'm super bad at words, and the garden salad is just, a burst of color - not flavor. The dory was, pretty much spot-on, cooked and herbed to taste, with the sizzle with every bite olive rice (Yeah I kinda want to type garlic rice at this timing...)

If you think you need a switch up from your usual lunch breaks and cuisine, give The Lawn a try :) Their selection of grills is pretty spectacular - You get healthy and good looking food on the plate! Pick up either a salad bowl or sides with olive rice. Both Lawn and Subway are my favorite, and makes me feel slightly better when I go to the gym knowing I have the right amount of food in my tummy.

So... Till then!

They have 2 outlets:

The Lawn At Shenton
8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower

+65 65348749
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 09:00pm
*last order 45 mins before closing*

The Lawn At Biopolis
31 Biopolis Way
#01-07, Nanos

+65 64789739
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
11:15am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 04:00pm
*last order 45 mins before closing*

Monday, March 16, 2015

Forever 21, A New Wave

Wave, literally Hi or wave, literally ocean waves.

They’ve definitely got a right pun on their words, and defo my favorite - Swimwear. If there is one thing that I lack of, they’re probably fashionable clothing. And so I make myself sign-up for all the other inspiring blogshops to be in touch with their updated weekly newsletters. Some includes MDS Collections, Fayth the Label, Loveandbravery… And of course, favorite international brands such as Forever21 and ASOS.

On the other hand, I tend to buy (and impulse buy) on a lot of sports wear, sports gear, swimwear, and aesthetically pretty fitness outfits. And the places I shop at are not exactly wallet friendly :P

Moving on… I also tend to ignore newsletters from ASOS unless I see the word sale on it (oops) and find myself being more drawn and attracted to Forever21′s stylish lookbook version - time after time. And of course, today’s look which I love. Can you guess already?

Swim + sportsluxe versatility = ACE.

Let me show you why (Linked directly from their site):


Aren’t they soooo gorgeous?! I am in love, and pretty partially sold already. Just waiting for a reason to speed up the purchase and they’re probably sitting in my cart already :P Ahhhh!

Some other looks from their lookbook archive which I also love… I mean, look at thattttt.


I am definitely not saying no to this one this time! Sharing some love right here :) Monday blues no more! Please don’t h8 me xoxo

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Introducing my furkids

It’s been some crazy days, and another year has passed since my last birthday. Last year, it was spent in Hong Kong with some amazing exchange friends, and it’s different how birthdays can get so different - the people, the place, the ambience and memories…

2 years ago, Ju and I adopted Winnie (a disowned maltese) on my birthday. 2 years later today, we have new bunnies added to our family :)

Ju gifted me both Netherlands Dwarf rabbits, one male and one female - Named Smarty and Lexy. Smarty (Male) is named Smarty by Ju because he’s incredibly smart on the first day we brought him home. Lexy (Female) is named Lexy just cause she’s lazy and sexy. Both are so cute and amazing to me.

imageSmarty and LexySmarty and LexySmarty and Lexy

And no, we do not keep them locked up in the cage. They do have a playpen, large enough to run, hop and jump around - We even found him in one of our potted plants one day; Smarty probably leaped with his small powerful legs into the pot and lazed there all day. Mischevious, naughty but soooo cute at the same time.

We made their cage into comfortable sleeping spots for them to snuggle in, as and when they would want to return after they’e done playing outside :) Smarty loves his freedom and returns for his food, while Lexy is kind of the princess of the house - She likes being indoors!

Here’s a picture of Wincci (Left) and Winnie (Right) with a box of their monthly treats from Woofpack Singapore - A monthly goodie pack for your dogs. It costs you from as low as $30/month (for 6 months) or $36/month (1 month) if you’d like to give it a try.

Did you know? We left the woofpack goodie pack on the bed one day and we came home to a ripped box with a hole at the side, thanks to the grouchy old lady on the left :P The smell of fresh Healthy Dog Ma treats must have permeated through the box, into her super sensitive nose and gone sniffing for it = box with ripped corners. Woofpack SingaporeWelcome to our lives, together with our extended furkids family! Definitely open to making friends with furkid mummies and daddies (Rabbits/ Dogs/ pets)!! Met the owner of Tokkie and Ollie bunnies through a carousell transaction - THEY’RE SO AWESOME AND NICE! Feel free to check them out on Instagram at @tokki.ollie. They give great bunny tips and advice, which I’ve been learning from recently too :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

All you need - Discount / Voucher Codes - Luxola, Zalora & More!

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The Entertainer App Singapore Discount/ Voucher Code

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Entertainer Singapore App, and DEN Dining Experience

If someone walked up to you and said, I have a pocket full of amazing deals for you to unravel, and they're all 2 for the price of 1 - Would you be in disbelief? I would be. 
When it comes to dining out, beauty services, planning for activities and visiting attractions, it's always nice to spend a little, and save a little more. And saving a little each time goes a long way :) Banks love to give you rebates for stuff that you spend on, and they love to reward you for spending more with them. It makes you feel that for the dinner for 2, the discounts you've received with xxx card, and the savings you saved were pretty much worth it. And The Entertainer does exactly just that! You might be wondering, What is The Entertainer? 

The Entertainer Asia

The Entertainer ( offers more than 800 Buy One Get One Free (one for one) offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. This year’s product includes the Entertainer Travel 2015, which features over 250 free night offers at leading 4 and 5* hotels across Asia and beyond. In short, they offer you unbeatable value everywhere you go!  
Remember how I've always been talking about being dependent on Openrice Mobile Application when I was away in Hong Kong for 6 months? I could literally search for awesome food places nearby, or by entering my desired location. I get to see the promotions and offers that are going on and the reviews by the locals. But guess what? The Entertainer Singapore App makes it even better by offering you a long list of Buy 1 get 1 Free deals at cafes, restaurants, bars, spas and even more. You could even dine at nice restaurants located within Hotels (with amazing ambiance by the way) for only half the price! Can you imagine your savings already?! 
Here's one my personal Entertainer App-erience with DEN, one of the F&B merchants offering 1-for-1 deals for Entertainer users. 

DEN Dining Bistro & Bar

Stashed along one of the alleys near Telok Ayer MRT Station with Chinatown and Tangjong Pagar nearby, DEN Bar & Kitchen definitely gets to hit different crowds at different times of the day. It is uniquely, a European style bistro by day, contemporary tapas and wine bar by night, Den is a quiet enclave that marks the beginning of a culinary journey. You may just salivate enough with the amount of truffle they have of their menu. 

DEN Beetroot Salad

Served with one of their signature salads, the Beetroot Salad (S$10) can be found on their lunch menu. Prior to this, I haven't exactly tasted beetroot like this before, so mixing it with rocket greens, quinoa, mesclun, walnuts and oranges doesn't seem like a bad idea. 
Another of Ju's favorite would be their Watermelon Salad (S$10), that tasted nothing less than juicy with the crunch it has, while retaining the salad-y kind of teture on the dish. I mean, shouldn't watermelons somewhat come in a form of dessert? But that's the beauty of food ay, you get a mix of everything everywhere - Watermelon Soju anyone? 

DEN Seafood Mafalda Pasta

Above served is the Seafood Mafalda Pasta (S$13), also available on their lunch menu which tasted pretty decent, and served with fettucine pasta choice is a plus for me. Of all pastas available in the market, spaghetti definitely doesn't top my list! This dish is topped with fish, squid and prawns, yuzu rocket salad and dressed with tomato and cream sauce. Om nom nom. 

DEN Truffle and Parma Bikini

Oh howdy! That is the Truffle and Parma Bikini (S$15), only available on the dinner menu. It kind of reminds me of a truffle parma ham pizza, but they named it bikini for a reason - You've got right things covered at the right places. I only need the truffle, cheddar, parmesan and parma ham leaked to induce salivation. 

DEN Pigs in a Blanket

We've really got to give it to Den for thinking about all their cheesy pickup food lines, or should I say adventurous and unique? The above is none other than Pigs In A Blanket (S$10), also available on the dinner menu. The little cut-out spicy Italian sausages are itself wrapped in bacon, served with a dash of double mustard sauce on the side. I mean, it was nothing impressive if it was just normal Italian sausages. But I liked how they added the differentiating factor by wrapping them up in bacon blankets. 

DEN Truffle Mac and Cheese

I was also an avid fan of Mac & Cheese while I was in Hong Kong. Think instant Mac & Cheese - they were my best friend. So readily available and easy to make. My exchange friends also had a M&C party one night! The above Truffle Mac and Cheese (S$12) is nothing too heavy for lunch - Look at the amount of truffle generosity! I would add a little truffle sin onto each bite out of the portion, and that would alleviate the taste of the entire dish even further. 
These are just some of the dishes that we've tried out of the many that they have in both their lunch and dinner menu (Note: There are 2 different menus) so if you'd like to try some of their food, be aware of what menu it would be in and then check it out at that timing. You could get a cup of fresh roasted Long Black/ Americano (S$4) while at lunch, or a glass of white or red wine to pair with your dinner.
Address: 29 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069624 (Nearest MRT stations: Raffles Place and Telok Ayer)
Why should you get The Entertainer App? 
  1. You get to dine at awesome dining places at half the usual price for 2! That's 50% savings! 
  2. You get 2 for 1 night hotel stays - Did I hear staycations
  3. Offers are available across 40 destinations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia! 
Well... The Entertainer Singapore app retails at S$75 but, you could get it right now at the early bird price of S$60! That's an initial savings of $15 :) Don't belittle this upfront price that you've got to pay though. It kinda unlocks all the awesome deals that you will be able to use, and save in future! For people whom love both food and travel - This is the perfect app for you, both locally and abroad. 
For people that doesn't like to download too many mobile applications, or prefer the traditional way of holding onto coupons... You're not forgotten :) The Entertainer Singapore book, which contains the same coupons in paper format, is now priced at S$75 (U.P. S$80) and is also available for purchase at or selected bookstores. I'm an app-person, and I prefer convenience. What if one day Ju and I have made an impromptu decision to dine somewhere, and left our coupons at home? *Terrible terrible mood spoiler, knowing that you'll be able to save more if you had your coupons with you... 
How can you buy The Entertainer App/ Book? 
Simply head over to and you would see 2 products in the following page:


Make sure "Singapore" as your location is checked in the drop-downlist, and select a product that you'd love to purchase (Mobile/ Book version). 


Select your preferred currency (SGD), and enter "2015ALVIN" in the promo code and be entitled to 10% OFF your total bill! Pay only SGD54 for a year worth of awesome deals and savings! 
So start your savings early into the year today! Download The Entertainer App today :) 
*A separate post would be done on The Entertainer Mobile App itself 
Invited by The Entertainer for a Sampling Session

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Supply & Demand, Orchard Gateway Singapore

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Al Vino Bianco with Clams in Penne & Pork (Cooked the way the chef cooks it)

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Carbonara Cremoso (Full Portion) in Penne

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Carbonara Cremoso (Full Portion) in Ravioli

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Chicken (Cooked the way the chef cooks it)

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Sweet Potato Fries

Last weekend, Denise and I managed to share a booth at one of Forfleasake’s flea market at Lucky Plaza. It was nice to hold a flea again (after like what, 3 years?) since the last one at Scape with my cousin. I cannot imagine 3 years worth of clothes to be sold away at dirt-cheap prices. But ta-dah, good riddance! But I still have a lot more to clear anyways… That’s the problem with girls. We fall in love with pretty things, too very often.

I digress. So Ju and his friends (Alvin and Tw) came down to lend us some help and support! I am so very grateful, thank you <3 And we treated our bellies to a nice meal at Supply & Demand, located at Orchard Gateway after. I first saw the location being tagged on my friends’ instagrams a while back, but I haven’t actually want to try it. It sounded like an economist decided to open his own store, and named it Supply & Demand after too much of S & D curves (^„^) And it never hit me that such a place existed till Alvin told us they served pretty nice and decent food there. So you guessed where we went :) Supply & Demand > Marche.

We ordered the above, and my friends introduced us the Pork and Chicken - Which was cooked perfectly well. The pork was soft and succulent, and almost felt like it literally melted in my mouth. There you go, heading straight for another bite. The chicken was pretty tender, and both the seasoning of the meat was perfect. Served the 5 of our taste-buds pretty well. The servings are a little on the bigger side - You could always take a tasting portion of the pastas (Must try!) and a meat for sharing. Of course, not forgetting the sweet potato fries :P

One other that stole the limelight of the night was the Morning Sunrise Pizza. I quickly did a search on Google on the recommended food for S&D, and there it popped out. Nice, yummy thin crust pizza with a cracked, runny egg seated right on top. Image from DanielFoodDiary. The taste, a mix of everything with mushrooms, egg whites, cheese, tomato dressings, meat and the yolk - exploded in my mouth. It was definitely a dish worth sharing. The thin crust made it easier to share, and STILL keep a main for yourself :)

However, we were seated right underneath a blasting A/C, which could be pretty bad to the food coming out hot and fresh from the kitchen. It makes you want to finish up the food pretty fast (and you wouldn’t get to slowly let the taste linger after every bite) and towards the end, you’ll get cold, hard pastas with dried up cream sauce and soggy fries. Big no no :) But overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, surrounded with great company and delish food.

I’ll definitely return again for their Brunch and dessert menu. Also, they have an extensive tea menu (covering more than 40 to 50 different types of teas) at $9.90++ per pot! Oh yum. There’s nothing more to say to a caffeine lover (Tea, Coffee or Me?)

Update: And while I was in line for LKY's state funeral on a Friday evening, I caught sight of another outlet for Supply & Demand right beside Esplanade, in between Makansutra. It looked like a really awesome place to hang with friends over endless conversations, magnificent view of our metropolis city and the serenity.

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Road, #02-13/14, Orchard Gateway, 238858
6702 6218