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Klarity Lasertox CC Cream Review + How to get Free samples?

Where to get free beauty or skincare samples in Singapore?

There are a few places that comes to mind. It may be especially useful if there are some products that you are dying to try before making a sane decision to purchase. Most of my decisions sometimes, are not sane :P Samples are amazing. They're tiny, small-sized and travel-friendly. I went to Korea last December and my sister and I received a tonne of sample-sized products (from facial masks to eye-creams to gels and lotions) from Korean brands. We packed it together in a bag before we flew back and that is quite an amount of sample we have!

Then it happened to me - I received a free Klarity™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion sample (which I selected) from my Mario Badescu Silver Powder Purchase from Luxola Singapore and I just fell in love with it. It was a pretty small sample-sized tube (5ml) and I'm thankful it didn't come in sachets. If it did, I wouldn't know what to do with the remaining cream left or how to store it completely. That aside...

Image credit -

The Klarity Lasertox CC Claims to help achieve one shade lighter whitening effect instantaneously - Although I could see that, but I just didn't have sufficient product to actually witness it. I generally apply a small amount around my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin sparingly. Indeed I got a little glow from it, and I loved how light the coverage feels - it doesn't feel heavy at all! The best part about the Klarity Lasertox CC is that it doubles up as a sunscreen protector, protecting my skin (especially my face) from the harmful UV rays that helps to prevent photoaging and promotes youthful skin.

Ju always leaves the house with his sunscreen on - He got it from National Skin Centre and applying sunscreen actually has their proven benefits - mainly preventing photoaging or premature aging skin, wrinkles and skin discolorations. I also trust applying sunscreen every morning on a daily basis just because Koreans do so :) Don't trust me on that!
Source 1 | 2 | 3

So I really liked how light it felt and all the benefits and function it claimed to have, especially since I wouldn't need to slap on another layer of SPF sunscreen after applying my Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream in the morning. Wow that's a long name in a single breath. I liked it so much that, during my second purchase at Luxola, I decided to select the Klarity CC again for my FREE product at checkout. You have no idea how happy I was to have another 5ml bottle in my drawer.

Find out how I got Free Samples

1. Choose your FREE product from Luxola wisely - Bottled/ mini-sized ones are more travel friendly than the ones that comes in sachets (most of them do anyway)

2. Select your FREE samples from sample store!

Then, I started surfing more blogs and saw how they have the sample store badge listed on their website. So inquisitively, I went to check it out. Hey! I could actually cart out 4 free samples from sample store without paying a single cent! For example - A free sample that can be redeemed as shown for Janssen Cosmetics - TREND EDITION - Detox Cream and Formula here.

Always go through their description, information as well as their reviews. It can be pretty informative at times! The information usually states how the sample-set products would be like, if they would send 2 x sachet of 2ml or a tube of 5ml (like the Klarity CC).

Amazingly, I received up to 3 Klarity Lasertox CC till date since 2015 and I'm now contemplating to purchase the full-sized ones online or in-stores (Sasa sells them too)! I actually prefer CC cream as compared to a BB cream, though a BB cream would definitely give more coverage. However, a CC cream does what a CC cream has to do - color correct. There are also other CC creams from Korean brands that I'd definitely love to try, so I'm definitely keeping my options open before deciding to purchase a full-sized bottle.

I also have slight hyper-pigmentation and freckles, sometimes I'm pretty bothered by it.. But I try to be more mindful and experiment more with products as well as maintain a tardy skin-care routine that I currently conscientiously follow via trial-and-error.

3. Sign up or Like Beauty & Skincare Brands' Facebook Pages

There are countless and lots of beauty and skincare brands on Facebook, much less their giveaways and promotions that they always have! For example, Kose, L'Oreal and Hada Labo to name a few... They run contests, free giveaways and free samples from time to time, so it's best to keep yourself up-to-date by following and liking their Facebook page! Of course, participate and hopefully, win! We all know what are the chances like, but if you don't try, you'd never know!

Like how I've participated in Carousel Bondi's giveaway to a Yoga Festival and I won! :P Amazing and lucky isn't it?

4. Be aware of brands that promotes FREE samples on their websites

For example, ladies cleansing brands such as Lactacyd and Summer's Eve allows you to request a sample product from them by just filling in their form! I've too requested for my very own via Lactacyd's form, and a few days later I've received 2 sachets (I think?) in my mail. I gave it a try, of course and purchased a full-sized one from Watsons at $11 or so. I also lookout for occasional Watsons promotions (lovvitttt)!

Also, another Japanese beauty and skincare brand, Hada Labo also allows you to request and redeem FREE samples!

5. Attend road shows/ pop-up stores along Orchard Road or anywhere else!

Then again, you've got to be kept up-to-date with the brands you'd love or follow them on their social media accounts to know what are they doing over the weekends, or if they have any promotions or road-shows coming up. So Laneige Singapore actually had a mini brand awareness campaign along the streets of Orchard Road. All I had to do was to follow @laneigesg on instagram and receive a free sample pack! They're soooo generous with it though! Here's what happened on their instagram...

Let me know what are your other ways of getting your free samples in Singapore! I'd definitely love to hear from you, though my list isn't exhaustive but I hope it definitely helped you in getting yours!

Till then!

This post is in no way paid or sponsored. Based on personal experiences and honest reviews.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Music Run Singapore

The Music Run SG 2015 It was a well-spent Saturday over at The Music Run, hosted at Sentosa Island. TMR in short, was nothing but a fun and awesome hyped-up run with different genres of music along your running route, spicing up every step covered in your run. If you still have no idea what it was like, here's the official promotional video for TMR 2014!

The Music Run has happened in Yangon, Bangkok and even Jakarta and has indeed lived up to its beat! With songs powered by Spotify, they know what are the best songs that people listen to on their Spotify every single day. They play nothing but the best.

Some of my iPhone visuals below from the run:

The Music Run Singapore 2015
With the stage emcee crew getting the crowd warmed up for their run. Wave after wave we go, BOOM!

The Music Run SG 2015
What's music run without our friends? I got Alvin to head down to the run with me (also my friend and running enthusiast) - it all started when we were tracking our own runs with Nike+! Look what Nike is doing, they're building a community! It was a mini-practice run, and I had my fair share of impossible thoughts in between after 2km of the run, but we completed it anyway.

We wanted to take the rail back out to the city, but the snaky lines has definitely put us off. But off we ran on foot back out by the roads - and thank the cheering crowd that drove pass in an MPV that cheered us on! Max Brenner was almost guilt-free. 7 odd kilometers covered for the day!

The Music Run Singapore 2015
The Music Run is for friends :)

The Music Run Singapore 2015
And families too! For the young, to the old, and your little pets - TMR knows no boundaries!

The Music Run Singapore 2015
And there we stood, at the front of the stage with the crew, getting the party started for TMR's after party, that ended on a note with amazing fireworks show. Legendary K-Leah is in flower-printed tee! How well, she sings. I don't kid.

Will I join another run like this again? Definitely! This was my first ever (I bailed on Army Half Marathon last year) run and it is definitely not my last. What a memory.

It definitely got my heart go boom boom - And finally resting my lower back well enough, to track a total of 7+km yesterday! The recovery was all worth it. Progress, however slow, is still progress! Hopefully the gym sees more of me next week :P Wait, is that a promise?

Thank you TMR!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lazada Deals, Flash Sale & Promotions - Deals worth sharing

Here's a little bump on the awesome goodies that are happening for Lazada's Birthday Flash Sale! I'm always a fan of Qoo10's time-sale, and the deals are always worthhhh it - especially beauty and skincare products. Some thoughts that trace my mind... *No time to think, just buy lah! Buy 1 get 1 free? Ok steady! Save for next time, very worth it leh!*

I'll be sharing some of the deals (and updating this page) that attracts my attention :) Check back between the upcoming 2 days!

Samsung NX Mini Flash Sale Review

Click 7th April: Timecheck 11.00AM

How convinced are you to get a Samsung NX Mini? Apparently it didn't take long for my cousin to get one :P Check out her instagram feed of her in Japan and Korea taken with the #nxmini, what's even better, is that it has wi-fi and you get to upload social snaps on the go!

She brought her camera during our birthday lunch last month in March, and we snapped a pic together. Look! I like how it has a selfie screen and you're able to flip it - totally a selfie camera. You could tell that when I didn't know where to look :P


Prior to her purchase, she has read plenty of reviews endorsed by a few of the bloggers. I found a few negative ones in the sea of awesomeness, but for the price offered at Lazada right now, it's pretty much a steal! Retailing at Flash Sale Price SGD$398 at Lazada Singapore, use UOB Card at check out for extra 15% off! Pay SGD$339 inclusive of FREE SHIPPING for this beauty.

Update: The flash sale price has ended, but no fret! Here's another local seller for the NX Mini (Mint, Pink and Brown) retailing at Lazada for SGD$426! It comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty (difference with export sets). Check out with UOB Credit Card today and pay only SGD$376!

Read other reviews here: 1, 2, 3

Would I get the Samsung NX Mini at the Flash Sale Price of $339? Maybe... I was contemplating between the NX Mini or the Sony A5100.

There's something about white that I really like. But for now, stay tuneddd! 11am to 1pm for the NX Mini Flash Sale! :P

iPhone 6 16GB/ 64GB/ 128GB

Click 7th April: Timecheck 7.00PM

No further explanation needed! SGD$888 for iPhone 6 16GB without contract at Lazada Singapore, SCORE! Brand new Telco set with minimum 11 months warranty :P What are you waiting for? Again, use UOB Card at check out for extra 15% off! Pay SGD$838 inclusive of FREE SHIPPING for your iPhone here :)

Alternatively, to save more, Shopback is giving away up to 10% cashback for every purchase made via Shopback Account! If you haven't got one, sign up with this link to get an additional $10 in your account!*

That means, $888 for iPhone 6 16GB listed on site, checkout with UOB and pay $838 via shopback's link and get up to 10% rebate; you'll get rebate of up to $83.80! Get your whole iPhone 6 16GB set at only SGD$754.20 :)

*Get $5 upon sign up, and another $5 upon first purchase!

But for now, stay tuneddd! 7pm to 9pm for the iPhone 6 Flash Sale tonight (7th April)! :P

Lemon Digital Weighing Machine with Smart App

Click 8th April: Timecheck 11.00AM

Picked this out and thought it was pretty ideal out of the bunch for today. It's something that I would definitely use, anything that allows me to track progress on my smartphone (welcome to the smartphone gadget constant connectivity era where everything needs a portable-charger) is a plus! Not regretting having changed to an iPhone 6 with 64GB, bye to my previous 32GB :P

I have too many apps now sometimes I don't know which to fire when I'm commuting to work - I just fiddle with Spotify, try to look for interesting emails, scroll through instagram and when I have no connection, I just stare at everyone else. Some daily necessity apps maybe?

I digress. But since the Lemon Digital Weighing Machine allows you to store unlimited users, it's an ideal investment for everyone in your family! Bluetooth 4.0 is the way to go! My previous post on JBL Synchros Reflect BT Headphones also relies on Bluetooth 4.0 technology too!

Flash sale price-wise, it's pretty inexpensive and affordable. SGD$19.90, check out with UOB Credit Card today for 10% off, and get it only for SGD$17.91, with FREE SHIPPING! Sign up with this shopback's link and get up to 10% rebate; you'll get rebate of up to $1.79! Get your appy weighing machine at only SGD$16.11 :)

Track your fitness level, progress and intensity! You know what's even better? Get your holistic suite of health & fitness lifestyle in track with all these gadgety gadgets :P Pretty cool huh!

But for now, stay tuneddd! 11am to 1pm for the Lemon Digital Weighing Machine Flash Sale (8th April)! :P

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The entire furkid family, and the passing of Smarty the Dwarf Rabbit.

Ju and his family are pet lovers, and I've always had a soft heart and tend to fall into love and love others and things around me too easily.

As I grow up, I fell in love with things, with pretty delicate designs, with simplicity, with aggressive colors - but all of these do not possibly coincide together. I fell in love with books, and I fell in love with magazines, and then reading sites online that drives inspiration - and all of these do not possibly come together; when I set aside x time for books, I lose x time for magazines and sites. And that's when I start to dilute my focus and I'm pretty much all over the place. That's me, typically.

And one of the things that took up most of my time apart from doing all of the above, and loving them unconditionally - are our pets. They're not only our pets, but many would agree that they're part of your family - Your joy, laughter, and source of companions when everyone else in the world didn't matter. They did.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

The 3 dogs (Spencer, Winnie and Wincci) just went for a full grooming session on Friday. They spent the entire day at their spalon, while June, the owner showers and trim them so that they come home with an all-shaven look. It's about time!

I even got a complete furkid family picture! Such a rare sight.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

This is Lexy, as introduced in my previous post here. Look at how big she has grown! Well, not entirely big, but it's been a month and I cannot possibly imagine in the years to come - Ju and I can't wait to bring you over to our new home!

But I'm pretty glad that I have them in my life, they somehow found their place in my heart and existed, for a very long time. I lost Smarty 2 weeks ago - his passing was sudden and came as a shock to the entire family. I was shaken, because he left behind such amazing memories of his presence that I am not able to let go of.

Between Lexy and him (they're siblings by the way), he was always the naughtier one, the one with mischief up his hind legs (sleeve), and loves looking for adventure by jumping out of his playpen, or onto flower pots and then creates his own season of playpen-break. While Lexy just stays in her home chewing away Alfafa Hay.

Watch how Smarty escapes his playpen. Indeed living up to his name πŸ˜‰

A video posted by Jo 🐩 (@jolenepoh) on

Ju once found Smarty in his room all of a sudden - so he has escaped to look for company. At another similar experience, Ju found Smarty drinking water from Wincci and Winnie's (Our Malteses) bowl in the kitchen - so the water is cleaner on the other side. It's amazing how having Smarty in my life, 2 weeks, though short, has planted enough memories more than any other human did. And it was all of those, the charming eyes of his, that makes me fall in love with him, over and over again.

It is those images of how he cleans his sister Lexy, licks her hands, and snatch over a crunchy Alfafa twig... The memories of Smarty lives forever in my heart. x

Lazada.SG, My Family Online Store

We all know how eCommerce and the Internet is changing consumer's shopping behaviors - How it changed/ destroyed offline bookstores, how it changed apparel industries, and how digital marketing has become a big thing since balancing the shift and integration from offline to online marketing. It also shows how our data is collected and analyzed to show us more targeted promotional materials - products and services that we probably are searching for on the Internet most of the time. It's a little scary, but we have to change and move on with technology.

It has to drive the right amount of confidence and trust - to make a single purchase of a smaller ticket item to multiple purchases of larger ticket items. Am I scared? Sometimes. I still check if my session is secured or encrypted, I still ensure that I purchase from sites that I know about, and I will only repeat-purchase when the site I've previously bought from have hit, or if not, exceeded my end-consumer expectations. That's probably just me.

But there's one site I'd love to share with you - A site that my family and I have been making all our household and electronic purchases; Lazada Singapore offers a wide range of products ranging from different categories, from household to personal items and even products for mommy and babies :)

I don't know about you, but I've been hearing and seeing waaayyy too much of Lazada every single day. My mom tells me about it all the time - she loves it. She loves looking at home appliances and other random cheap DIY home furnishings.

Aluminium Portable Foldable Table - The name speaks for itself

Here's one of the deals we got an amazing price when we saw it on their Facebook Page last year! We were skeptical at first, but after some thought, since it would be of use (as a make-shift study/work table in our living room), host parties when our friends are over, and even doubling it up as our extra CNY table for steamboats and extra guest - we were sold. For $27.90?! Practical purchase in full-force. I even bought a $2 white table cloth from Daiso and made use of some cloth from Ikea. Simplicity at best.

Since we bought our coffee-table, it's probably folded and stowed away in the storeroom. And bringing it out for BBQ outings :P There are many other products that we have picked out and decided on the purchase (After comparing with offline and other online stores).

Another category that I have always been interested in - Fitness/ Sports. And I thought it's always nice to have a pull-up/ chin-up bar (with easy twist installation) at home. It doesn't take up extra space, gives you a little hang-time each day or to simply, increase your heart-rate! I guess it's something that Ju kinda does every single day, before entering and leaving the room :)

Ju and I also decided to invest in a set of chrome dumbbells, or any dumbbells so that on lazy days, we can do a little strength training at home. He does his workouts with heavier weights, and I simply remove the excess weights that I don't usually need. I'll work on home circuits, a little of Kayla's Workout and sometimes, just HIIT with lighter weights involved. I like my purchases to be practical, and I think these, though shared with my family, are practical :)

Prices may be different, as I bought these items last year.

What instigated the Kessler's Pressure Cooker last year was that our old casserole cooker was kinda faulting on us. So my mom was looking around the offline stores for a slow-cooker replacement, until we caught Masterchef US Season 4's Finale together. Lucas was using a pressure cooker for his main, and it was the kind of intensity, speed and pressure it was able to deliver under such conditions. So we read up more on a pressure cooker and decided to get one. Ta-dah! Back at home, seated behind our slow-cooker in the kitchen.

Not my mom/ grandmother's proudest electrical kitchen appliance - but it definitely served us well for cooking big pot of dishes and food during our CNY Reunion Lunch and Dinners this year. It also has a larger serving capacity, and lots of options to choose from based on the type of food you'd want to cook. I'm not someone fluent with the kitchen, so google might help pretty much!

Watch Lucas here and his comments from 14:13 onwards - while he was using a pressure cooker in his finale showdown against Natasha.

These are some of the buys that I purchased from Lazada Singapore, and definitely love to share more relevant ones that may be helpful for you to make a more informed purchase :)

Lazada's BIG Birthday Sale

And also recently, Lazada has been promoting their Birthday Sale across all of their social sharing platforms - just in case you've missed... Here's one on their Facebook!

Officially 3 more days to their BIG BIRTHDAY SALE, which I'm pretty excited for :) You can even participate in their Facebook game (there's still time) to win a $30 gift voucher for yourself to spend during their birthday sale! I've already participated but, whether I get 20 likes on my comment... Is a different question :P

After so must zest and excitement in my past purchases, I'm excited on what's to come for Lazada's 3-day birthday sale from 7th to 9th April!

What you can expect:
- Flash sales from 9am to 9pm
- Hot deals by category
- Exclusive treats
- Private sale on apps

All information has been taken from their site

I think we may already start adding items into wishlist (like what we did for Luxola's Midnight Madness) and then re-assess them when the time comes!


Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Workout With Comfort: JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones Review

JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones
If you're someone that frequently engage in sports or fitness activities, a question that may have crossed your mind in one way or another, or a life-threatening decision that you'd probably have to make at least once in your life - Which earphones/ headphones for sports should I buy?

It's been long enough since I last stuck through with my iPod earphones (which lasted for about 4 good years) - stuck them through the sweatiest period in my life when I was still with True Fitness back in 2011. It died on me one day, and I remembered I had to go down to Vivo City, to one of the box consignment stores to purchase a less than $10 (probably non-authentic) Apple earpiece look-alike, which has shitty sound quality by the way. The previous earpiece that I've used, I didn't have to max my phone volume just to listen to proper music, but for that 6 bucks version with a maxed-out music volume... Let's just say it wasn't doing the music justice. If you're someone like me, you'd probably understand what I mean :P

The usual earpieces I get are probably my all-in-one, I could probably get them replaced each time. But until I started interacting with weights, I realized how it wasn't about the durability, or number of replacements made. It was the fuss of sticking my phone into my workout pants and getting upper-body work done. It was the fuss of removing my phone and ear-worm music altogether when I had to do squats, or lunges, or getting lower-body work done. Mei and my cousins got me a smartphone sports band during my 21st birthday, but it somehow got misplaced after some runs.

But thankfully, I managed to get my hands on the JBL Synchros Reflect Bluetooth Earphones to do a review - Wow that's a long name. But in short, it is a cordless, sports-emulated in-ear headphones that is Bluetooth®-enabled. In other words, you just plug it in your ears, and go hands-free, just like how you'd do if you were talking on a bluetooth headset in the car. Stash your phone, leave it on video-mode for your workout reps, look at how awesome that booty is getting!

In case you were wondering, prior to this model that was introduced to me, Ju has already gotten his very first pair of JBL in-ear headphones while we were in Korea last December. We share our favorite ear-worms once in a while, the quality, for its price, is uh-mazing.

The JBL Synchros Reflect BT

JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones Hovering my fingers over the packaging, I'd say it's pretty intense. I had this dying feeling of wanting to look at what's inside.

Alike many other sport accessories and devices in the market, the idea on building on to a comfortable and almost invisible addition to your workout routine is the Bluetooth®-awesomeness-technology innovation. It dangles behind my neck, pretty short and adjustable (as seen in above), and is effortlessly designed to become an integral part of you; You don't even notice you get fed with rich-quality music streaming through your ears. Yes, you even forget you are plugged into a player/ your phone!

Your ultimate workout partner, The JBL Reflect BT combines cutting-edge style with innovation. Not only so, you also get to indulge in rich-quality music through these ergonomic stay-put ear-tips, that are designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of your most energetic workout.

JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones You even get a compact earphone design (recall cutting-edge style with innovation) that allows you to pop the lid to get it charged!

JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones You know what I feel best with the whole workout-combination? A seamless bluetooth-enabled workout. What do I mean by that?

With all the leading technologies and smart sporty-gadgets in place today, what do we not have (that isn't bluetooth-enabled) to help us achieve a better workout? You have smart-watches, fitness trackers, earphones for running or sports or fitness-related activities... And the list goes on. I like how these specific technologies and gadgets (including my iPhone) helps to track my running progress (Nike+), fitness trackers for all the other abilities that they're able to track, and the Jbl Synchros BT to top it all off. Cream of the crop.

2 questions to ask yourself before settling down with your choice:

1. What are the type of sports or activities that you engage in?
This is to ensure that you are able to make a more informed decision during your purchase to better suit your needs. If you'll be doing light activities, or stationary workouts, a less intense earbud would probably do the trick. Big bulky headphones to block-out noises might even be suitable for you. For activities that require more movements, an in-ear headphones that helps achieve a comfortable and secure fit might be what you're looking at.

2. What is your budget?
Work around your budget before deciding to get your sports earphones. That could probably stick with you for the next few months, or even years to come. If you're someone that wouldn't mind compromising quality over quantity, then settling for a cheaper option that has to be replaced frequently would be your option. However, if you're someone that would love quality and feasibility, an advice is to work around your budget to determine the type of sports earphones you might need.

Would I get the JBL Reflect BT? Well, I'd say that the JBL Syncros Reflect BT did the job for me - It pretty much hit the qualities that I was looking for in a pair of earphones for sports, running or fitness related activities. It is practical, does not add as an additional hassle and incorporate mini changes in my workout as I start to free myself from the tangles more. It goes in-ear, and has a stay-put eartip that ensures your ear-pod wouldn't run anyohow, and delivers rich-quality music, driving the extra energy and oumph to my workouts.

Where can you get your hands on them?
They're widely available here in Singapore - Here is the complete list where you may find them stocked :)

Offline Stores
1. Harvey Norman Stores - Island wide
2. Courts - Island wide
3. Digital Style - Island wide
4. Nubox - Island wide
5. Challenger - Island wide
6. 1st Mobile @ Tangs Level 3
7. Epicentre - Wheelock, 313 Somerset, Ion Orchard, MBS & Bugis
8. Million Tech @ Sim Lim Square
9. Connect IT - Tampines One and JEM

Online Platforms
1. Lazada Singapore
2. Qoo10
3. Rakuten Singapore
4. HipVan

The thing about offline stores is that you get to physically see, touch and hopefully get a chance to try them out!

Win yourself a pair of JBL Synchros Reflect BT!

Follow these simple steps!

1. Post and share a picture of yourself working out, on either Facebook and/or Instagram.
2. Contest entries must be set to "public" (superrr impt!)
3. Contest entries must include #iwantJBLSynchrosReflectBT and #JBLSingapore

The most creative or well-taken photo will win, with the number of "likes" playing only a small part. Results will be announced on the first week of May! So... Participate and HAVE FUN! <3

Review courtesy of #JBLSingapore